September 23 2014 Romance Weekly



Do you like to read romance novels? Wouldn't you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all..... About our writing of course! Every week we'll answer questions and after you've enjoyed the blog on this site we'll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride! Tell your friends and feel free to ask us questions in the comment box.

Welome to Romance Weekly. If this is your first stop or you're coming from the fabulous paranormal and sci-fi romance worlds of S. C. Mitchell's Writer's Haven, the blog is hopping today.

Questions come from the magnificent paranormal and historical writer (and good friend) J. J. Devine.

You’re moving right along with a storyline and suddenly it takes an unexpected twist. Do you go with the flow and follow where the twist leads you or do you conform your story to your way? 

I definitely take the twist. It’s like an ah-ha moment that grips me and typically this is when I write the fastest or get the farthest into my writing before I get “stuck” again. Where being stuck is just me slowing down to get a handle on my new plot. It’s pretty fun. Probably the most fun I get out of the writing process. I generally have an “idea” of what my plot is but I don’t necessarily outline my story and keep it focused word for word. Therefore, I hope for these twists. I’m comfortable in taking my story in a new direction.

What time of year is your Best time for writing? Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring? 

Any season is my best time for writing. The current season is typically what goes into my current writing. When I come back to it in the edit process it’s usually a different time of year and that’s usually refreshing. For instance, if it’s winter and my edits are set in the spring or summer the writing can take the winter blues away.

When looking for a publisher do you chose a traditional press, indie route, or one that does both, ebook and print? 

Right now I’m looking at the indie route. The more I research the more I like the control I would have over such a publishing path. I like both ebook and print because I like the idea of having a physical book in my hand when I get published. It’s so much work to get a completed novel finished I like to have that tangible evidence of a book. Although, I also love the connivence of ebooks and download my fair share. 

Onward for more insights from Carrie Elks. See you next week!