Is Your Creativeness Sick...and...Tired?

Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon

It’s happened. I’ve gotten sick. I’m so tired and exhausted all I want is sleep. Unfortunately, for some of us (me in particular) this means only slowing down thinking we are still at full capacity to take on the world. I just stay sick longer and recovery feels like an imaginary character in a novel that refuses to die.

While my creativeness is held hostage by my illness I realize that if my creative being was a person (I’ll name her Alice) perhaps she gets sick at times as well. When I feel she had abandoned me in my time of need all seems lost. When I need the comfort of new ideas and the belief that I am never too sick for my art, Alice is no where to be found. She is tired. While I am ill it’s a good time to treat Alice with compassion and care. to do that? All I want o do is yell why are you being this way? I don’t have time to be sick and neither do you! 


Give into the urge to sleep for sleep is where our creative drive will be restored. When we wake up we might still be sick but the focus and energy will be there too (in my case at least for five to ten minutes). I get the ideas down fast anyway I can. 

    pencil, pen, computer, phone, tablet, voice memo, video

I call my best friend if I feel too delirious to do any of the above myself. (You know the one to call. The one who has always believed in you and will make you chicken noodle soup. 

Alice loves chicken noodle soup. 

Being nice to Alice is also giving myself a break, cutting myself some slack. I mean I am sick. When we are sick the only way to help our creative spirit is to wind down. 

Snuggle up in something cozy, eat some comfort food or slurp some broth and know that this will soon pass. There are still bright and beautiful days ahead where you WILL create. Our creativeness never leaves us. It really is who we are and why if feels like such a tragedy when we think it’s gone. Remember, Alice just needs some tender loving care.

I hope you feel better soon.