4 Lessons: Traveling for Ideas

New Places. New Ideas.  depositphotos.com

New Places. New Ideas.


Have you ever traveled on purpose for creative ideas? I travel, like a good majority of us, at least a few times a day if only for short commutes to work or the grocery store. I never give these moments much thought. They are normal and every day, essentially nothing special. 

Even when I had a longer commute and frequently got stuck in traffic all I did was get angry that I couldn’t be home doing something else (fun but usually something on the dreaded to-do list).

I refused to let the long drive spark road rage and suck all the creative energy out of my system. 

4 Lesson I’ve learned about intensional traveling: 

  1. It gets me moving and out of the same environment. It’s like being stuck in a rut. I have to get out and do something different to generate those new pathways of neurons in my brain. If I’ve been at home all day for several days in a row this gets me out of the house. This could also be as simple as taking an alternate way home from work to see different scenery.
  2. I used the time trapped in the car to my advantage. I would listen to lectures about topic that interested me or find music that would breach the depressing press of cars and take me to somewhere much more pleasant. 
  3. I used the scenery around me as a creative jumping off point. Bad traffic? My next characters would be stuck in traffic and have a bus coming at them out of control and then they would be next to a cliff and the crush of cars would push them over the edge. Something along those lines.... :) or I watch too many movies.
  4. I intensionally pick a fun destination that’s exciting for me and I know will be a hot bed of ideas to last me until the next trip.  

Different environments get the imagination juices flowing. 

Specific destinations can lead to creative inspiration or the discovery of new ideas.

Let me know your traveling experiences, extraordinary or ordinary.