Creativity Equals A Box of Chocolates

Will I like them all?

Will I like them all?

Paraphrasing from one of my favorite movies, Forrest Gump, creativity is like a box of chocolates. The challenge isn’t in driving the creative. Once I’ve accepted a challenge the drive has already been brewing and ready to start. The challenge is really allowing myself to be curious about all the chocolates in the box.

A goal can start out really hot and fast and I’m on top of the game and then it slows down a little bit or perhaps stops me in my tracks. I have a tendency to start the Woe As Me Campaign: Oh, life is too hard for this. I don’t have time. I’ve subjected myself to torture! It’s not getting any easier. 

That’s when all the momentum for the challenge turns me into the the leader of the Crazy Campaign and I think my motivation has dried up. Yet, creativity is infectious. How can it wither and die so fast after attempting a challenge? It doesn’t. I remember it’s like a box full of sweet candies. 

I rarely turn down chocolate but I will admit sometimes the chocolates in a box are gross. It defies the laws of nature but it happens. What do I do? I pick another one. So in my quest this month to write like a mad fool there were a few days I didn’t write and put me behind my daily goal. I looked back on those days and realized I choked down the bad chocolates and didn’t pick another one. 

If I take each day like a different chocolate surprise I can find solutions to the problems that are getting in the way. It’s actually a creative way to keep being creative.

So on the days that seems hopeless for completing any challenge remember that you already have creative forces on your side of the battle and also like a box of chocolates you can always pick another one (chocolate or creative solution) and keep moving forward.