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Welcome back for another week of Romance Weekly. I might be your first stop or you've hopped on over from S. C. Mitchell's blog. I'm curious what his blog reveals this week.

This week Sarah Hegger, author of Sweet Bea, wants us to confess our three favorite book boyfriends. The difficult part of the challenge - the limit. Who was worthy enough to make my top three list? 

I like the countdown versions of lists. So I’m going to start with the least favorite to the most favorite.

Book boyfriend #3: 

Oh Sorry! You meant a boyfriend who is a character in a book not a real person.

Oh Sorry! You meant a boyfriend who is a character in a book not a real person.

Adam Becker from Holly Lane by Toni Blake. Adam is a great book boyfriend. He's hot as hell but he’s a down to earth guy. People always describe female characters as the small town girl or the girl next door. I see Adam as the guy version of this. He’s a great guy who likes to hide the fact but since the book takes places around Christmas his scrooge heart is melted by someone he’s known for years. I’d snuggle up with Adam on any cold winter’s night.

Book boyfriend #2: 

Eric Northman the vampire from Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris. Why is this badass vampire in the top three? I mean if you are familiar with the series he’s not so nice most of the time. Yet, in this book there’s a side to his personality that comes out I think, just like Sookie, which is irresistible. Maybe it’s because he has amnesia (and I love amnesia stories). Maybe it’s because despite all that happens to Sookie before and after this book I still have the hope in my heart that this Eric truly loves her. He is kind and in this book he really falls for her and she for him. Now, I haven’t finished the series. This is the fault of the HBO series, True Blood, where I couldn’t watch the show and read the books at the same time. So if Eric turns into a major douche bag in the books he’ll be promptly removed from spot #2. I must read this book again.

Book boyfriend #1: 

Oh he's dreamy.

Oh he's dreamy.

Michael Stirling from When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn. He’s my all time favorite book boyfriend. I have read this book thousands of times and it is one of my favorites. What makes Michael so spectacular? I think it’s because Michael and the heroine were friends first and that friendship was pretty important to both of them full of humor, laughs, and joy. When the heroine’s world crashed down Michael loved her so much he didn’t know how to express it without this tremendous guilt. I don’t want to give away what happens in case you haven’t read this book (I highly recommend it). What puts him as the number one book boyfriend is his realization that despite the pain they both have they find healing from each other and in the process fall in love. He’s super hot too! 

That’s my list. Hop on over to Raine Balkera’s blog for more of Romance Weekly’s top three book boyfriends. I’m excited about the hop today because I think I’ll find several new book boyfriends! 

See ya next week!

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