July 7 2015 Romance Weekly



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Thanks for coming back this week for Romance Weekly. I'm so excited for this week's blog hop. I came up with the topic this week and I wanted a flash fiction. I'm in love with flash fiction, even the ones I'm not so crazy about. But I like the one I came up with probably because I went a little wild with it. 

Leslie Hachtel is before me in the hop today. Make sure to check out her flash fiction when you are finished here.

I made the setting: woods, 3 am 

Write a flash fiction of 500 words or less that includes the words: bubbles, mindful, and deep.

I did cheat on the word count, but I got so into my flash fiction that I went over. I'll go ahead and forgive myself for that. So here it goes!  

Bubbles crouched down on her front paws. For a baby, she acted very territorial. I guess that made sense, she was already 150 pounds at four months old. Mockery Cats were considered fully grown at seven months. She was closer to a teenager than a baby. No other person on the planet had been able to bond so closely with a Mockery Cat. Probably because there were few people here. When I looked into her eyes the bond between us became a physical connection. It scared people. Hell, it scared the holy astral gate out of me and something I never expected when she adopted me. I thought all the speculation on Mockery Cats was myth and superstition.

Bubbles, is that you?

Bubbles, is that you?

I should have listened. Especially, before crash landing on this unholy wild planet.

Cat was probably a misnomer, but really there wasn't a word for what Bubbles would grow into. A low growl emerged from her. I took a mindful breath and waited patiently for the others below to make their move. The nocturnal clock on my wrist read 3:05 am. The dense forest was pitch black, but the soft glowing in Bubbles's eyes cast a faint circle of light around us. It was better this way. No point in alerting the intruders that we were present. The camp was clueless we were here. I wanted to monitor them to figure out which way they were traveling.

I couldn't see my cat's striped fur in the semi-darkness, but the brush of softness against my side alerted me to every movement she made. The bonding process was so entirely creepy. Yet, at the same time I don't know if I would've survived out here alone. Without her my senses were piss poor. My star rover vehicle or SRV, MH-5, was an empty shell and abandoned days after I emergency landed. When I crossed paths with this bundle of fur I thought I was lunch. My only consolation was the intruders following me would meet the same fate. 

Once Bubbles reached adulthood I had a thought I might be able to ride on her back, but I'm not sure she would let me or understand to run. A trick like that would certainly come in handy for a quick get-away. Mockery Cats run damn fast! But I'm teaching her to be cautious. I don't need the intruders launching all their firepower because the sight of my cat had them pissing their pants.

The intruders had been searching for me for a long time. I thought a few months back that I had lost them for good and they had given up. Here they were again, messing up my life. The deeper I traveled into the woods the more Bubbles and I relied on each other. How were those ass munches surviving out here? A light flickered at the camp. Bubbles growled again. An intruder sat guard as the others went to sleep. Damn. We will have to wait until morning to find out their intensions. I narrowed my eyes at the sight of him - the guard. I hated him. He was the cause of my exile. How did Bubbles know that particular intruder was supposed to be my future husband? I'm telling ya. This bond is creepier than finding dog shit on Planet Foren.

I wonder what other wild flash fictions are on the hop today. Find out what J.J. Devine devised.