Obstacles Need Support

Friends can put our worries into perspective.

Friends can put our worries into perspective.

I was traveling down the path of creative self-doubt the other day. It was a horrible tragedy filled with battles and carnage. I shouted to the sky, "Why me!" 

For every pot hole, detour sign, or dreaded closed road on my path, I cursed. But wait. I couldn’t be the only one running into these problems. I turned to trusted friends and yes I discovered my problems weren’t really that unique. 

Clarity smacked me like an apple falling on my head. Everyone has obstacles to overcome in all aspects of their lives. 

Finding support, those who share the journey, opened my eyes to a truth. This will pass. Other roadblocks will come up and those will pass too. Finding ways around them is like a challenging video game where I'm are constantly challenged to level up in order to defeat the beast. (Of course, the beast gets stronger too but that’s part of the fun, right?) Using my wiles in order to best the beast is the ultimate prize. 

You might be thinking - this lady thinks highly of herself, her intelligence, and her creative ability to defeat all the obstacles in her life. 


I fail a lot. Sometimes I’m stuck at the road closed sign scratching my head for a very very long time. There have been a few where I’ve abandoned the particular path and went down another one. 

Back to those supportive friends. "Been there done that," they say. But they don’t rub it in and make me feel bad. They offer encouragement. 

"Try something different."

"This worked for me". 

"Everything is temporary and this, too, will change soon." 

So hang in there. I do everyday and when I get a flat tire on the creative highway I call my friends for road side assistance. Who knows. Maybe what arrives is what I needed to find in the first place to overcome all those obstacles.

Photo provided by depositphotos.com