February 24 2015 Romance Weekly



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Today's hop is going to be fun and I can't wait to read everyone's post! It's flash fiction this week brought to you by J.J. Devine, author of Into The Darkness and The Cheyenne Bride. J.J. wants a flash fiction piece of 500 words that contains the words: happiness, egg, and purple. 

The hop can be started at any point. If I'm your first stop make sure you check out A.S. Fenichel's post.

Flash Fiction

Sue would call it violet or periwinkle. The charm glowed under the lights. It’s amethyst crystals sparkled. It was perfect. 

Chuck called it plain old purple. 

“It’s pretty, Daddy. Mommy's favorite color.” Gunner mumbled from his crouched position at the jewelry counter.

“You sure do pay attention to Mommy. Stuff like that will come in handy when you have a girlfriend.”  

The five year old made a face. Girls were low on his radar. Well, except for Mommy. 

A pang thumped his heart. Maybe Chuck should've taken lessons from his son. Would the charm be enough? Gunner would've never called Sue plain. His kid thankfully inherited his sense of keeping his foot out of his mouth from his mother. What incensed her the most was when Chuck added the word ‘ordinary’. Chuck thanked his pea brain he hadn’t called her old.

Chuck loved Sue for her muted blue eyes, mousy hair, and the extra few pounds on her hips. 

Those hips drove him wild and had since the first moment they caught his eyes. Yes, he had ogled her. How could he tell Sue that she was everything to him? He didn’t want a supermodel. He didn’t want fake. 

“Are you going to buy it?” Gunner poked his head over the top of the counter and peered down at the royal vision on black velvet.

“I think it's fate.” 

Gunner smiled. “It's a good thing I found it, huh?”

Chuck ruffled Gunner's hair.

Sue and all of her imperfections was tangible like this pendant. His Sue. The one who loved purple but called it lavender. Who laughed at his stupid jokes and didn’t mind the few extra pounds that had expanded his middle over the years.

Many men would go for flowers or promise a night out. Maybe even declare their woman to be a supermodel but Chuck knew Sue would see through those pathetic displays of affection and apology.

The jeweler opened the locket. The egg pendant was small and opened around a seam of diamonds. Chuck experienced pure happiness. Inside, a tiny array of multicolored stones formed a butterfly which surrounded a cluster of daisies. Fate was working here. The impact of the piece socked Chuck in the gut. It symbolized the butterfly garden where Sue had said yes to his declaration of love.

He swallowed the lump in his throat. “Do you think Mommy would like it?”

Gunner nodded big and bold. He touched the butterfly. “Especially the bug inside.”

Chuck laughed. Would it show Sue how much she meant to him?

“What will Mommy say when she sees it?” 

Gunner smiled and hugged Chuck tight. “That she loves us.”  

What a wise little boy. 

That day in the garden had been the beginning of their wonderful, happy, exuberant, and ordinary life together. The three of them. One he wouldn’t trade for the world. Chuck would never call Sue plain again. She was as extra-ordinary as the locket and their little boy right beside him.

I can't wait to read Leslie Hachtel's flash fiction. See you next week!