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Hi! Missed you last week. Today we have a really fun blog hop and a break from our usual question and answer format. The prompt was created by Collette Cameron. Can't wait to read about her dating disaster.  

If you are joining from Kim Handysides or starting the hop right here, welcome. 

Here's the prompt: Date disasters 

Many of our heroes and heroines have a rocky beginning. Let’s hear some real life stories about disastrous dates. Real is fun, but if you don’t want to go there, feel free to create a real whopper. 

Blind dates are always tricky and here’s the story of me and my husband’s first date.

I didn’t want to be there. Kimberly had talked me into it and I knew it was a mistake from the start. The restaurant was slow and dim and supposed to be romantic and one of the hottest new places to dine in the city. Kimberly always pushed until she had her way. I couldn’t go through with the online dating again not after the last time. I deleted my online profile forever. What a nightmare the guy turned out to be. Not only was he a compulsive liar but for a second I believed him when he said he was an undercover agent for an undisclosed government group. Yeah, The Get in Her Pants Club. He was really good, academy award performance. So, I sat here like an idiot seeing if it was going to happen again. I guess I have a gullible nature.

Purple is my favorite color.

Purple is my favorite color.

Kimberly wouldn’t tell me a damned thing about the guy. Said he wanted us both to have a genuine reaction to each other. What did that mean? I didn’t have a name or description. He would only know who I was because I wore my purple stripped henley and I placed a single purple rose in the center of the table. 

I shouldn’t have agreed. This screamed serial killer when someone wouldn’t identify themselves. I trusted Kimberly despite extreme blind dating being her method of operation. Who in the hell went on blind dates in this day and age? Me. So, Mr. Secretive was already ten minutes late. I decided to only give him another five and I was out. 

A hand touched my shoulder and spread across my back. “I’m so sorry I’m late. There was a traffic jam on the loop.” 

Right. That’s all I can think. Nice save. 

I squirmed in my seat shaking off his hand, not because it creeped me out but because it had the opposite effect. Hi, Mr. Seductive. He sat as I reached for my ice water to cool down and immediately noticed his warm and friendly brown eyes, sexy stubble, and the bulge in his jacket. Kimberly never said he was a cop. I couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or not.

The waiter came and took our order. I already knew what I wanted (he had been late) and wasted no time. I wondered if my date would be annoyed at me for rushing him. Didn’t phase him. He ordered without looking at the menu. A regular?

“Our mutual friend didn’t do you justice.” I lowered my head to ask for clarification and before I said anything... “You’re beautiful.” 

Holy Cow! My blush further heated my body and even in the darkness of the restaurant I wasn’t able to hide it. “She wasn’t suppose to say anything because she was zipped tighter than a pencil skirt on her fat days.” 

I shocked him but his immediate laughter let me know he liked my smart ass nature. Good. The last guy had issues with my mouthy attitude. He stood slightly and reached across the table, hand extended, but instead of the expected shake he knocked the vase over and cold water rushed from the center of the table to the center of my body. I jumped from my chair and knocked it back into the table behind us which upset all of the water glasses waiting for the next patrons. 

“So sorry. I got this.” His napkin, and of course his hand, brushed against my legs before I knew what was happening. My body couldn’t decide if it rather have the heat of his fingers between my thighs or the freezing sensation of the water to snap me out of this spell he wove over me.

The waiter and the hostess trotted over with additional towels and napkins. At the hostess’s gasp I looked down and the red fabric of the napkins apparently didn’t like the white of my skirt and there were red streaks along the front. Mixed with the wetness and pressing of the towels, my white panties (I wasn’t a complete idiot back then, just a partial one) showed and also all the tiny little hearts and lace edge. On a dry skirt these were NOT noticeable. 

The server from the back comes over with our meals but in all the commotion of me trying to hide my underwear with a napkin and at the same time get away from Mr. Seductive’s smoldering stare my elbow hit the server in such a way that the entire tray of food slid off in slow motion. It landed on my date.  

Blind date = happily ever after.

Blind date = happily ever after.

I’d never seen a mouth gape so wide. He smeared some of it off with the same napkin he used on me and the same red streaks appear on his jacket. He held back a smile and winked. “Don’t worry. The same thing happened to me the other day on a sting.” 

I started laughing and really didn’t think I would be able to talk but I said. “Kim has a funny sense of humor.” 

He gives me a funny eyebrow quirk. “Who’s Kim?” 




Apparently we didn’t have a mutual friend and the fates somehow brought us together in a somewhat unconventional fashion. The rest is history. Married ten years now this fall to the love of my life.


Hope you liked my date disaster. :) Did it really happen or not?

I’m jones-ing to find out what dating nightmare our Heart’s Ease author, Victoria Barbour, tells. 

Hope to see you next week. 

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