Procrastinator's Delight

She looks innocent. Don't be fooled.

She looks innocent. Don't be fooled.

I find myself doing things at the last minute these days. An evil witch has stolen all of my down time. There used to be moments when my objectives were completed several days in advance. I had time to work on writing, art, corralling a very inquisitive on-the-move baby, or devising a strategy on how to accomplish my to-do list and therefore have much needed creative down time. 

Now I’m spinning in circles. Tasks are half-assed and sometimes omitted by accident, forget about relaxing! 

There are people who have told me down time isn’t important. I hold them to high standards because if they can do it without a break then.... Yeah, I don’t work that way. 

These people hold the procrastinator’s delight, a wand of immense power. It’s usually in the possession of the same gleefully cackling witch who used it to cast a spell keeping me endlessly busy. I want to break my spell. Because believe it or not being endlessly busy and fighting the procrastinator’s delight prevents the cute little pixies of creativity from coming around. (You see pixies don’t like to be busy, I hear it messes with the effects of their pixie dust.) 

I want to take that delightful little wand and shove it.... okay I digress. Back to ending the spell of procrastination. The witch obviously wants to see me do a dance, a jig, and a skip and a jump but this only makes the spell linger and gives the wand more power. I don’t need diversions I need action. 

I’ve found the actions below work wonders for dealing with procrastination. I hope they work for you if you think you are spellbound by a similar evil witch.

  • Sit in your chair, or on the couch, or your favorite writing spot. The next step is very important. Take a pen and paper with you or your trusty laptop. Now the witch will wield the wand and you could stare for a few minutes at the blank page but you aren’t fooled. You start writing not caring what the witch says. The pixies will show up momentarily to watch. It’s like movie night for them. 


  • Put on whatever clothes you like to wear in your studio or craft room. Rummage around in your supplies and stash of beautiful art stuff. The witch is usually laughing and smacking you with that fudge nugget of a wand right about now. But you know if you let her she’ll just make you do the laundry. You get busy with paint, paper, or pencil. The pixies start to help by putting amazing pieces of media in your line of vision and creativity abounds. (Also, a good reason to not have a spotless clean art room. Like I said before, pixies don’t like to do too much work so if stuff is already here and there it will make it easy for those cutie pie pixies to help you.)


  • Pick up those knitting needles and fondle some oh-so-soft yarn. Take out an unfinished project and look at the detail and joy you put into it. Find a cosy spot before the witch has you put the work of genius back into the bag of lost creation. The pixies will love to take a nap in the snuggly strands while your knitting needles make the comforting click shhh. As you create you might hear them snoring. 


  • You’re eyeing the to-do list. You’ve had some fun and creative moments but it’s time to get something on it checked off. The witch is right there adding and adding. It becomes endless and all the pixies flee the house. Before depression sets in push that witch aside and tell her, it’s only going to take five minutes to do this and this then you’re leaving and I’m getting some down time. She’ll scream in terror and run out the front door. As you finish up your chosen chores the sun comes out and some pixie dust floats around you as you take your leisure time however you like. Those cute little pixies of creativity multiply.

It’s not as easy as it looks but with hard work I know you can break the spell as have I. Don’t worry if the witch comes back. The more pixies you have hanging out at your place makes it easy to chase her away again. No more procrastinator's delight for her.

Happy creating!