September 25 2018 Romance Writers Weekly



Another week of Romance Writers Weekly. Author Jenna Da Sie, posed this week’s question and it is a yummy one.

When you host a dinner party or just a get together what is your favorite appetizer to make? Share some recipes.


Ah… parties are the best. We don’t have enough of them lately.

Food. Delicious Food.

Food. Delicious Food.

For a long time, our favorite appetizer for parties was cream cheese sausage stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon. A Fat Loaded Dream!  Haha! The first year we made them we used fresh jalapeños from our garden and those suckers were hot! We made two versions one with regular sausage, the other with hot sausage. The second was smoking! But nothing was left after the party was over.

A curious appetizer we’ve enjoyed recently is a dish that my hubby had on a business trip to Spain. I don’t know the name, but it tastes wonderful. Some might wrinkle their nose because the main ingredient is sardines, but if you like fish or are adventuresome, I suggest trying it. So, this is how we make it. I’m sure there are many combinations that can be created.

We use French bread that’s smaller in diameter than regular bread, more bite sized. I cut the bread into one-half inch slices and butter and toast them in the oven. I cut just enough for how many sardines I have in the can. After the bread is toasted, I spread each slice with goat cheese, top with a sardine, and a tomato slice salt and peppered. Then I toast or warm them again for about five minutes. Just enough to heat up the fish and tomatoes. Then eat! They are scrumptious. We’ve tried the flavored sardines, Mediterranean olive oil, jalapeño, and tomato. All are good. The jalapeño flavor is our favorite because of the little spicy kick.

I hope you enjoy them!

Hop onto A.S. Fenichel’s blog for her favs! See ya next time.

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