Sneak Peek: Circle of Lies

Here's a sneak peek at Circle of Lies releasing Summer 2015


As a former M83 soldier, Raz vows to never get involved in the fight against humans again. Once Raz realizes the extent of the Sixxer destruction he is forced into a battle that will include fighting his heart. Sandra is drawn to the mysterious Raz. She'll be thrown into a world where it's hard to tell the truth from the lies. There is no turning back as her heart convinces her to fall in love again.

Scene from Circle of Lies

“Are you going to risk your life for these people? Don’t you know I need you here?”

    “Cam, please put the light down.”

    “Our research is too important to abandon.”

    Cameron stood in front of Sandra. The light was too harsh, the darkness too black. Cameron always understood her, supported her. This had been too much to ask of him.

    “You're a good friend. Please understand I have to do this.”

    “Pulling the friend card? You don’t know what you’re talking about. Nothing good would come from you leaving Angelville.”

    The rapid fire knocking on the door spun her around. Cameron’s light followed. The glow fanned around them.

    “Time’s run out.” Cameron didn’t wait for her and strode half way to the entrance before Sandra could move. The light bobbed and weaved as he opened the door. Cameron guided Paris to a seat near his workstation. Sean stayed close to her. He typically raced over to Sandra talking one hundred miles a minute. Maybe the darkness of the basement scared him. It terrified Sandra.

    Sandra focused on Raz and his eyes flashed with the reflected light of the flashlight. No. His eyes brightened from within like they had in her office. He also looked more muscular and damned sexy.

    Cameron was right. Sandra didn’t know what she was getting herself into.

    Raz’s eyes narrowed and took in her position on the stool, elbows resting on her knees. She pulled her shoulders back and sat upright.

    “Are you okay?” Raz asked.

    “She got light headed.” Cameron handed Sandra the flashlight. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to check the generator. There’s another flashlight in the cabinet.”

    “Sean, would you get the extra one?” Sandra pointed to the drawer. She watched Cameron’s retreating back and wondered if he would confront Raz. About what she couldn’t be sure. Her conversation with Cameron made her uneasy. What exactly was she risking for Raz?

    Raz continued to stare at her. “What happened?”

    “Nothing sugar won’t fix.” She held up the last of the fruit roll-up. Sean found the Maglight, switched it on, and set it beside his mother. The impromptu lantern bathed the front of the room in a semi-glow but left her and Raz in the outer fringes of darkness.

    Raz leaned down to her as if to kiss her and his spicy scent created a laser beam of heat straight between her legs. Her face flushed and she broke eye contact. She glanced to the right. Paris and Sean didn’t appear to notice them and she eased off the stool. Raz’s fingers reached out and caught hers and pulled her back into his chest. She didn’t resist. Her body wanted to be closer to him. She stared at their joined hands not sure what was happening. Heat oozed from his skin.

    “Why didn’t you tell me you hadn’t had anything to eat today?” Raz whispered. His lips almost touched her ear. Warm breath fluttered along her neck. The promise of heat and the softness of his lips on hers teased. He moved closer and every nerve in her body came alive.

    “We had other, more important, matters to worry about.”

    “Stop making me worry about you.”

    Sandra wanted him to get closer. He cradled her hand and his fingertips caressed her palm. Feathered. Stroked. His lips softly brushed her neck. Her eyes fluttered from the sweet and erotic kiss. A small moan escaped. She swiveled, her lips centimeters from his. Cinnamon enveloped her as their breaths entwined. She wanted this kiss more than anything. She didn’t care who witnessed it.

    “Sandra.” Cameron quietly said behind her. “I need you.”

    Sandra froze with her lips millimeters away from Raz’s.

    Cameron stood four feet away. His low voice drew the attention of Paris and Sean and all eyes fell on Sandra. She refused to blush but the heat slowly creeped along her neck.

    Cameron held out his hand and she jumped down and took a few tentative steps toward him. Raz’s grip on her arm stopped her.

    Cameron no longer wore his lab coat and his khaki shirt and moss green pants looked out of place and intimidating.

    “I can’t get the generator started.” Cameron’s voice lacked the camaraderie they shared a few minutes ago and contained a hardness she never heard before. His expression suggested he wasn’t as concerned with the generator as he was with what in the hell had been going on in the dark corner. With Raz. She wanted to know too.

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