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sunkissed magic romance

Take a supernatural spin on love.

The Sunkissed Magic Romance novels are contemporary paranormal romances that take place on a fiction beach in South Carolina. Each novel has a paranormal or supernatural element. They are stand alone novels that can be read in any order, but there might be a few characters that reoccur in subsequent novels. 


Sweetest Mix

Ice cream shop owner, Robert West doesn't believe in magic. That is until he meets Bella Delray and her ghostly companion starts to haunt him!


His American She-Devil

Competing in the American Ninja Warrior was a way to rid herself of her demons - literally. When her coach dies in an unfortunate accident and is replaced with a sexy younger (much younger) man all her devilish ways come back to bite him!


In Wolf's Clothing

Harold Wolf has an old-fashioned name and hobby - knitting. A curse placed on the bold wool shop owner had the ladies flocking to him. He wonders if he'll ever find true love.


Seashell Love Spell

A lonely widower find a second chance at love when he meets a single mom on the beach. Although, her electric mother and sassy daughter give him the challenge of his life. 


Marrying Magic

This should be the happiest day of her life, a beach wedding they'd been planning for a year. Although, is a divorce already in the works when she discovers the man of her dreams is a witch? 


My Nautical Ninja

How a stow-a-way got on his boat in the middle of the ocean he'll never know. But when he stops at a tourist beach town to drop off the lovey ninja, she doesn't want to leave.