May 5 2015 Romance Weekly



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Welcome back. Hope you have enjoyed the hop so far and had a chance to check out Dani Jace's top 5 villains. 

Today's topic is: List 5 of your favorite villains and with one sentence tell us why said villain is a favorite. 

I came up with the topic for this week's blog hop because villains can be very difficult to write. I wondered why and started to examine the villains that I loved or loved to hate. I'm going to go with a TV/movie motif. 

#1 Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

While he eventually became an anti-hero in the show, he was such a bastard and a smart ass I couldn't wait to find out what he was going to be up to next. 

#2 Tyler Durden from Fight Club 

He did it all right under character Edward Norton's (The Narrator) nose and while watching the first time I'm like OMG.

#3 Bill from Kill Bill Volume 1 & Kill Bill Volume 2

He is a well rounded character and you see the jealous side him, the evil side, and also the loving side before the movies are over. 

#4 Col. Hans Landa from Inglorious Bastards 

Surrounding all his acts of cruelty and immorality he is just so nice and polite! 

#5 Walter White from Breaking Bad 

As the show progressed, it was very evident that Walter was going down the wrong path for his own power and glory but there was no way I was going to miss any of it.

There's my list. Why do they stick out in my mind and I call them favorites? All of these characters did horrible things but what made them good characters was that there weren't always evil. They did good deeds, too. Sometimes the villain became an anti-hero and I switched sides. Sometimes they remained on the opposing side but I knew they had vulnerabilities just as we do, they had pain and suffering. It's thinking... Yes, villains can be put into horrible situations and that's what makes them bad but are they redeemable? Can they be saved? What would happen if I were in the same circumstances? Would I make the same choice? I think a villain that is pure evil and everything he does is wrong and obviously not the right thing to do is boring and not one I would remember. Great villains love and hate, are tender and cruel, and can be happy or sad. Maybe you disagree? Would you prefer you villain to be clear cut evil?

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