Guest Author J.J. Devine's Paranormal Release & Scavenger Hunt

Guest Author J.J. Devine releases Into The Darkness July 9th, 2014.

The Cheyenne Bride

The Cheyenne Bride

Into The Darkness

Into The Darkness

Today is a special blog post in honor of J.J. Devine’s release of her new book, Into The Darkness. J.J. Devine is a Historical Romance Novelist having published The Cheyenne Bride in 2012. But a dark force inside her soul came out and she had to write her vampire novel catapulting her into the paranormal genre. (I’m a fan!) In celebration of her paranormal release, she has created a fun scavenger hunt based off excerpts from her novel. The scavenger hunt will be going on between the hours of 7 pm EDT and 9 pm EDT so hurry and enter before time is up. The prizes are awesome. Read on to learn more about J.J., read her excerpt below, and visit her website to enter the scavenger hunt. 

J.J. Devine, historical and paranormal romance writer.

J.J. Devine, historical and paranormal romance writer.

Reading and writing have been J.J.'s passion her whole life.  Starting out with being the poet, everyone came to in high school to get that "perfect" poem for his or her boyfriend/girlfriend.  She spent her weekends locked away in her room, curled up on her bed, writing short stories for only a selected few readers.

She has been happily married for 28 years to her trucker husband.  She is a mother of three, grandmother of three; a lover of dogs, cats, and fish.  

J.J. started to pen historical romance as a hobby when her youngest child was a year old, creating the Acceptance Series.  She got serious about her writing career joining Romance Writers of America and Indiana Romance Writers of America moving on to help start Crossroads Romance Writers in 2014.  She penned her first paranormal romance, Into the Darkness, in 25 days, taking herself beyond her comfort zone and just giving the characters free reign of their story.    

Since taking herself out of the outside working world, she has dedicated her life to her writing and her writing world and raising consciousness for Domestic Violence Awareness.  

To find out more you can contact J.J. on her blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Excerpt from Into The Darkness:

“Herbs. You use them for what, teas?"

Instead of responding, Raven stepped to the next peddler’s booth and Dragon moved to her side, wrapping an arm about her waist. Any other time this would have brought comfort to her. But right now, she sensed the protective side of this powerful man.

Finally she said, “Among other things. My mother always kept them on hand for healing purposes. I am afraid I let their numbers dwindle after her death.” She picked up a jar of oil and brought it to her nose. Her eyes fluttered in pleasure as she took in its deep, rich scent. “I will take this.”

“Very good choice, ma’am. ‘Dragon’s Blood,’ if I am correct.” The elderly peddler offered a toothless grin.

Tenderly, she smiled at the old gentleman. “Yes, Dragon’s Blood it is.”

“That is the scent you are wearing now, is it not?” Tristan asked.

She couldn’t help but feel surprised at Tristan’s knowledge. “Yes, I have worn it all my life. I have never been able to shake my love for the smell of it.”

“A scent I must say suits you. Not just anyone can wear it. They say it will burn the skin it touches, hence the name ‘Dragon’s Blood.’”

“I have heard that as well. But I have never suffered from such ailments, so I would guess that is just a myth.”

Tristan laughed again. “You must be right.” Abruptly, he altered the direction of their conversation. “Dragon tells me you have been suffering from some strange sensations.”

Raven’s eyes flashed in confusion and she stared at Dragon.

His grip on her waist tightened. “He is a friend, Raven. He wishes to help.”

“But you said—”