August 2 2016 Romance Weekly



Welcome back to Romance Weekly blog hop. Today A.S. Fenichel wants us to choose one of our books and tell you where the idea came from and how it evolved into a full story.  I'll share a snippet, too! 

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Circle of Lies by Fiona Riplee

Circle of Lies by Fiona Riplee

I choose my first release, Circle of Lies.  

The idea for this story came to me as I was working through another story I was writing. I wanted to write a Sci Fi Romance that was set in a contemporary setting. The story I was working on wasn't futuristic or set in outer space and I liked the feel of that. The story was actually more paranormal because one of the characters had psychic power and could control people with his mind.  

I started with a love triangle that involved two brothers, Jamie and Sean, who liked the same girl, Luna, and I was struggling with why Jamie and Sean had such anger toward one another. Sean had the psychic power. Jamie appeared as human as you or I. In my frustration, I created their backstory to help me figure out their relationship. While working on the details, I discovered Jamie and Sean had the same father, Raz, but different mothers. 

For some reason this really bothered me and I kept wondering what had happened to these characters' parents. Had the Raz had his own love triangle and how did this fit into the science fiction world I wanted to create, which was in the very beginning stages back then. The story still had more of a paranormal feel and I wanted to go more Sci Fi. So, I made Raz an alien and Sean's mother, Paris, was part alien. This shed light on why Sean was psychic. Jamie's mother, Sandra, was human and a scientist who had a part in the discovery of some life saving medicines for aliens. 

I kept asking myself questions about the brothers. Why did Jamie do this? Why did Sean choose to do that when so much love had been in his childhood? But the more questions I asked about Jamie and Sean the more answers pushed me toward asking questions about their parents. How did this alien versus non-alien parentage shape the brothers' feelings about the world. What had happened to their parents before this point in the brothers' lives. 

So to make this long story short, I became obsessed with what happened to the parents. What sorts of obstacles and conflicts had they had in life? 

Circle of Lies is what came out of all those questions along with a series premise, Alien Prophecies. 

I learned a lot about the 'past' in the world I wanted to create which I then realized was the contemporary setting and the rest of the series will start to fall into a near future setting. It will still feel like it takes place today, but with more tech or alien wizardry (at least to humans).  

I hope to get back to Jamie's and Sean's stories some day, but I'm giving them some time to grow up.  

 Click Here for an excerpt of Circle of Lies. 

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February 23 2016 Romance Weekly



Welcome back to Romance Writers Weekly. Every week a group of romance authors join in a blog hop about a fabulous topic to provide our readers with greater insight into the habitat of our crazy minds. Well, I can't speak for everyone, just myself. 

This week Tracey Gee has double challenged us to a flash fiction and a haiku or limerick as an intro. Wowza! 

I attempted a haiku. I think this is the first one I've ever written. I'm nervous ... 

She was the night wind.

Softly caressing my soul.

But I ran away.

Hmm ... sounds a little depressing. I'll follow that up with my flash fiction. Tracey didn't require a set word length, but it must include the following: Kevlar, elbow(s), pinking shears, and a copy of The Great Gatsby. A tough challenge!

A toddler, a puppy, and Lanie's four-night stand walked into the bar. Her Colorado ex looked as delicious as he had on the slopes three months ago. How had he found her? Or had he? The toddler clutched Evan's hand as tightly as the stuffed puppy mushed against his tiny chest. Lanie paused in her waitress duties, and focused with narrowed eyes. Was the kid wearing Kevlar? No that couldn't be right.

The hostess bumped Lanie's elbow as she hurried by. The hostess waved the two males over to a seat in the dining area.  Evan brought his head up, and Lanie ducked behind the potted plant located under the movie poster of The Great Gatsby. Evan resembled Leonardo, who played Gatsby in the movie. Which was probably the reason for Lanie's recent obsession with re-reading her dog-eared copy of the American Classic. Drat. The hostess sat the boys in her section. This was going to be awkward. She straightened her skimpy excuse for a flannel shirt/uniform over her now heaving bosom. They hadn't heaved so much in a month. The last time had also been in Evan’s presence. She sucked in her gut, more for fortitude then to appear thinner, and strode over to the table.


Evan had needed a distraction from the sleepless nights he’d experienced the past few weeks. He was still trying to rationalize why taking care of an almost two-year-old had sounded like a good idea. The server's sweet figure sauntered over and the baby let out a wail. Evan didn’t blame the kid. Seeing her gorgeous chest on display made him cry inside as well. He rummaged in his backpack and removed the hodgepodge amount of stuff he'd grabbed at the safety/craft fair in the town square. It had been an interesting, yet confusion festival. Not only had the town police thought it funny to dress a toddler in a fake flac jacket, but the matrons in the booth next door cooed over the sprite then had given Evan a sample pack for his next scrapbooking page. Yeah, right. The scissors, aka pinking shears as his sis would correct him on, landed on the top of the stack in front of the baby, along with construction paper and some lace fabric. The lace went immediately into the baby's mouth.

"Uh … those aren't appropriate toys for a toddler."

Evan's head whipped up at the familiar voice. Lanie stood ready to take their order in the skimpy waitress’s outfit that barely covered her body. She lived in the same town as him? He'd promised to call her. That had been before his life was turned upside down.

"I see now why you didn't contact me." Lanie eyed the baby.

Evan groaned. His tired brain couldn't focus, but it was obvious what she was thinking. His nephew did look an awful lot like him. Why wouldn’t the little guy? Evan and his sister were twins.

Lanie lifted her notepad and asked. "What are you going to have?"

The baby lifted the puppy over his head and shouted. "Poop!" 

I'm curious about author Leslie Hachtel's flash fiction and if she accepted the haiku/limerick challenge. 

See you next week!

September 01 2015 Romance Weekly



Do you like to read romance novels? Wouldn't you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all..... About our writing of course! Every week we'll answer questions and after you've enjoyed the blog on this site we'll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride! Tell your friends and feel free to ask us questions in the comment box.

If you are coming from Collette Cameron’s blog, thanks for hopping on over. 

This week Jeanne McDonald wants to know: What is one of your favorite quotes from your book(s). Explain the reason why & its significance to the story & characters. 

Quote from my short story Love’s Light, Anthology The Hope Chest coming out October 21, 2015.

Little background to help with the context of the quote: 

Senza is on the phone with her ex-boyfriend, Trevor, who left her four years ago. She thinks Trevor left her because of her psychic / telekinetic power. In the call she just learned that her Aunt has died. 

The room spun. Spots floated around her eyes, dimmed and turned black. The office lights flickered, and the vibration in her body became an audible hum. Trevor droned in her ear. Senza closed her eyes and put her forehead against the desk wall. It’s too much. I can’t hold the power back. Her filing cabinet drawer rumbled open. The chair jumped away from her. A mini earthquake shook her cubicle.
“Senza, baby. Stay with me. I need you.”
Those words brought her back. A cascade of color burst behind her eyelids. Had Trevor ever admitted he needed her? The sunlight in the room faded as a cloud passed overhead and darkened the entire office floor. The darkness had become her friend and safety net for the last four years. Yet, Senza braved the light and would give anything in this moment to have Trevor’s arms hold her tight.

This is one of my favorite quotes of the short story. Senza is facing the fear she had all of her life, the fear of being unable to control her power. The emotional trauma she is experiencing puts her into this black pit of despair and she thinks she won’t recover from this loss. Her power comes out in the form of light and in this passage she faces her fear and her light. Trevor admitting that he needs her allows her to find the inner strength to manipulate her power into at least a temporary control and gives Senza her confidence back. Trevor’s need of her, his love, is worth fighting the battle she has struggled with her entire life. 

Let’s find out author, Brenda Margriet’s, favorite quote. See you next week.

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