Writing Process Blog Tour 2014

Thank you for joining the Writing Process Blog Tour. If you’ve been following the tour you’ve joined me from the wonderful J.J. Devine, author of Historicals for the Heart and Powerful Paranormals.

Now sit back and enjoy learning more about my writing process.

What are you working on?

I’m working on the first two manuscripts of my Sixxer series. They are science fiction / paranormal romances. The series incorporates an alien race, Sixxers, with supernatural powers in a battle against humans. Check out my home page for the premise of book one, Circle of Lies, and book two, Circle of Fantasies. I have several ideas for future stories but I have set those aside in order to wrap of the ending of Circle of Fantasies and complete edits on Circle of Lies. My goal is to have both of these works published by the end of 2014. I also am toying with a Traveler series that would involve alternate dimensions. Once I’m finished with Circle of Fantasies and have started on edits I’m most likely to move onto a Traveler story. 

How does your work differ from others of its genre?

I would say that my work differs from others of its genre in the sense that I incorporate humanoid aliens but they are not on another planet. So far, I have set the Sixxers series on planet Earth in the contemporary time period. The main characters aren’t flying off into space or zipping around the galaxy. Trapped here on earth, they must figure out how to live among humans. Unfortunately, many humans want to kill them or experiment on them to find out what makes them tick. This also goes for the Traveler series. Aliens from alternate dimensions travel to Earth or humans travel to an alternate dimension.

Why do you write what you do?

I’ve always loved science fiction books and movies. I even attended space camp as a preteen and wanted to be an astronaut for many of my childhood years. I also fell in love with romance stories. It always seemed like there was an either or - either a story was science fiction or it was romance. There were a few science fiction movies (Star Man comes to mind) were there was some overlap and I wanted more! Yet, there was this barrier and the genres did not overlapp. It’s probably why I love to read paranormal romance because in some ways these two separate works come together but I went a little different and instead of mythical creatures like werewolves or vampires I wanted to incorporate aliens. Of course they look like super hot humans and have very unique powers.

How does your writing process work?

I write whenever I get a moment to sit and type. I’m a busy new mom so that’s been a challenge. The trick for me is to just sit down and do it without much thinking. The thinking part comes in later when I’m chewing on a scene that I don’t think came off very good in the first go around. It’s at that time I sit back and do something else to distract myself so my subconscious mind will do the hard work for me and work out the problems. Then I get back to it. There are times when I’m more heavily focused on the writing of a new manuscript and then other times when it’s all about editing. But it’s nice to have more than one manuscript started so if I get stuck I can let it sit and work on the other and still get something done. It’s nice to have a confidence boost from getting something accomplished. 


I hope you enjoyed this stop on the Writing Process Blog Tour. Check back on J.J. Devine’s blog spot for other authors on the tour. Thank so much for stopping by and please leave a comment.