September 25 2018 Romance Writers Weekly



Another week of Romance Writers Weekly. Author Jenna Da Sie, posed this week’s question and it is a yummy one.

When you host a dinner party or just a get together what is your favorite appetizer to make? Share some recipes.


Ah… parties are the best. We don’t have enough of them lately.

Food. Delicious Food.

Food. Delicious Food.

For a long time, our favorite appetizer for parties was cream cheese sausage stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon. A Fat Loaded Dream!  Haha! The first year we made them we used fresh jalapeños from our garden and those suckers were hot! We made two versions one with regular sausage, the other with hot sausage. The second was smoking! But nothing was left after the party was over.

A curious appetizer we’ve enjoyed recently is a dish that my hubby had on a business trip to Spain. I don’t know the name, but it tastes wonderful. Some might wrinkle their nose because the main ingredient is sardines, but if you like fish or are adventuresome, I suggest trying it. So, this is how we make it. I’m sure there are many combinations that can be created.

We use French bread that’s smaller in diameter than regular bread, more bite sized. I cut the bread into one-half inch slices and butter and toast them in the oven. I cut just enough for how many sardines I have in the can. After the bread is toasted, I spread each slice with goat cheese, top with a sardine, and a tomato slice salt and peppered. Then I toast or warm them again for about five minutes. Just enough to heat up the fish and tomatoes. Then eat! They are scrumptious. We’ve tried the flavored sardines, Mediterranean olive oil, jalapeño, and tomato. All are good. The jalapeño flavor is our favorite because of the little spicy kick.

I hope you enjoy them!

Hop onto A.S. Fenichel’s blog for her favs! See ya next time.

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September 18 2018 Romance Writers Weekly



Hi Everyone, Welcome back for Romance Weekly. This week’s question comes from myself, Fiona Riplee.

You’ve probably come from the lovely Jenna Da Sie’s blog site. If not, be sure to check it out when you’re done here!

I’ve started a new paranormal series that takes place by the beach. So far, in my current work in progress many events take place during the day and maybe I’ve neglected the evening hours. Makes me wonder do you prefer day or evening outings? These could be for a fun date or just hanging out with family or friends. What’s your pleasure?


Soaking up the sun.

Soaking up the sun.

I would have to say this topic preference depends on my mood and various factors like the weather and time of year.

Obviously, I’ve been writing about day trips in my current work in progress because the setting is near a beach with close boardwalk shops. I can write about things I would enjoy in that setting, like shopping, walks on the beach, boat outings, getting coffee, and relaxing with friends or the hubby. When it’s warm and sunny there are so many things that are fun. A younger me really enjoyed amusement parks or finding a state park and hiking a trail. Now, with a four-year-old we can add stuff like going to the zoo or Children’s Museum, or putt putt boogie which is my son’s version of Paw Patrol mixed with Putt Putt golf. We also enjoy going to a movie which can be either a day or nighttime event.

Dancing and having fun.

Dancing and having fun.

Before the kiddo, nights were our preference for events, but now we are just too tired by the time 9 pm rolls around. (At least I am.) We used to enjoy going out for drinks with a group of friends, eating good food – or junky bar food, dancing, and socializing. Hubby and I had a standing Friday night movie date that was our go to. For a few years, we had Rock Band parties where we’d get a bunch of friends over, have some drinks, and play Rock Band until 12 am. That was a blast. Now we occasionally have a game night where we do the same but with board games.

It’s okay my preference has shifted from night to day. The important part is to have fun with my peeps whenever the event.

Brenda Margriet is up next. Follow the link to find out if she likes day or night activities. Catch ya next time!

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January 24 2017 Romance Weekly



Welcome back for another week of Romance Writers Weekly blog hop. Be sure to check out Dani Jace's blog to discover her answer to this weeks questions!   

Jenna Da Sie has some interesting and fun questions for our authors this week.

She prefaces each with Would you rather?

1)    Go way back in time and meet your ancestors Pre 1800s or go way into the future and meet your great grandchildren Post 2200?

This is a tough choice because I think both directions would be very interesting to me. Having to choose one I would say I’d go into the future. I’d like to find out how different the world would be for my decendants beyond the year 2200. I like thinking that as a human race we figured some stuff out and that there are some really cool advancements in technology, science and possibly even space colonies. Maybe my decendants are living on the moon or Mars by then. Yeah, I’m a total nerd/geek and I’m sure the DNA will have rubbed off on anyone related to me.

2)    Have no Internet or no cell phone?

I think this is a trick question because if I have a cell phone I have Internet. LOL But I’ll play along and say that it’s either or.  I’d go with no cell phone. I think the way the future is going that the need for a cell phone is going change. Internet access is spreading across the planet and in the future everyone will be online. We’ll have Internet in our cars, in our homes, somehow in our clothes or items we wear. The need for a separate phone for communication won’t be necessary. As for the present – if I have an emergency I’ll have to borrow my hubby’s phone.  :)

3)    Talk like Yoda or breathe like Darth Vader?

Give me challenging questions this week, you have. Yes, mmm.

Be proud of your testing of us, you should Jenna Da Sie. Yes, mmm. :)

4)    Have the ability to fly or read minds?

I’d love to be able to fly. I’ve always had a fascination of flying and of course flying without a plane is like super hero stuff. So yeah, I’m cool.

I think reading minds would just drive me crazy because I’d rather not know what someone is thinking about me. If I don’t know I can imagine that the thoughts are nice. J

5)    Have mermaids be real or unicorns be real?

Unicorns are cool. Definitely unicorns.

I can't wait to find out how Jenna Da Sie answered her own questions! She's next in line for the hop.

See you next week!