August 05 2014 Romance Weekly

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Another week another Romance Weekly. 


We’re mixing it up this week at Romance Weekly. Today’s posts are all about our author’s best 15 minute dinner ideas.

Be sure to check out Rhenna Morgan's blog post today to find out her best 15 minute dinner. 

Here’s my best 15 minute idea.

When we are strapped for time and neither my husband or me wants to really cook anything or even buy take out the best 15 minute dinner is brinner! Breakfast for dinner.

I could actually have breakfast for breakfast, brunch, or brinner (because it's my fav). Brinner is usually the one though that can be smushed into the 15 minute bracket. Fry up some bacon, toast some bread on the electric griddle, scramble some eggs or flip them over easy. Yummy. 

Now if we’re talking something a little bit more elaborate, I make a mean breakfast. My favorites are homemade biscuits and buttermilk pancakes along with the eggs and bacon of course. The biscuits can be for biscuits & gravy (hubby has perfected the sausage gravy) or breakfast sandwiches. It’s nice to have left overs for the occasional strawberry shortcake in the summer. I like to put fresh blueberries in the pancakes or top them with fresh mashed strawberries (fresh whipped cream on top of course). 

I want to make brinner for dinner now but we had pot roast tonight. Another easy 15 minute dinner. The house smelled fantastic when we got home. The crock pot cooked it for us all day and we ate it in 15 minutes!  

If you like brinner for dinner let me know some of your favorites.

I hope I didn't make you hungry. If you can stand to find our more dinner idea's hop on over to Victoria Barbour's page for more delicious tidbits.