October 6 2015 Romance Weekly



The Girl He Knows

The Girl He Knows

Welcome back to the Romance Weekly Blog hop.  This week's questions are presented by Kristi Rose, author of The Girl He Knows: "What would you do" questions pick your favorite (s).  









Hope you've been enjoying the hop today. Make sure to check out Susan Scott Shelley's post when you are done here. 


I answered all of Kristi's questions just because they were fun.

1.              Describe your life in 20 words or less

A silly home filled with wagging tails, bossy toddlers, and one amusing hubby giving me ideas for creating alien worlds.

2.              If your life was like Seinfeld, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Golden girls. What character would you be?

I went with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. At first I would say that I was like the character Willow. She’s the quiet and shy bookworm who likes nature and is generally a nice person. She lets her outgoing friend (Buffy) shine while she waits in the wings.

Then I’m like who am I kidding? I’m really more like Darla, Angel’s sire. The sweet unassuming nice girl on the outside, but an evil vampire inside just waiting for the right moment to strike! Watch out! (She’s really one scary vampire IMHO and I like that about her.)

Perhaps I’m a little bit of both characters. I did like the amount of power and control Darla had. Of course, when you’re a vampire and can do just about anything you want.

3.              Who would win a fight between Chuck Norris and MacGyver?

MacGyver would win. The man is a Vietnam Vet, a bomb expert, a scientist, and has a Swiss army knife. Come on … it’s no contest. Poor Chuck. :)

4.              Would you rather be bald or have a huge mullet for the rest of your life?

Bald. A mullet of any sort has too much of a bad rap. If I were bald, I could wear all different sorts of wigs or head scarves. I love scarves. Oh, I could get my bald head tattooed. That'd be cool. Maybe people would think I was a badass? LOL

Onto the next blog. I'm curious to find out how Tracey Gee / Lovextra has answered this week's questions!! 

See you next week.