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This week Jeanne McDonald wants to know: What is one of your favorite quotes from your book(s). Explain the reason why & its significance to the story & characters. 

Quote from my short story Love’s Light, Anthology The Hope Chest coming out October 21, 2015.

Little background to help with the context of the quote: 

Senza is on the phone with her ex-boyfriend, Trevor, who left her four years ago. She thinks Trevor left her because of her psychic / telekinetic power. In the call she just learned that her Aunt has died. 

The room spun. Spots floated around her eyes, dimmed and turned black. The office lights flickered, and the vibration in her body became an audible hum. Trevor droned in her ear. Senza closed her eyes and put her forehead against the desk wall. It’s too much. I can’t hold the power back. Her filing cabinet drawer rumbled open. The chair jumped away from her. A mini earthquake shook her cubicle.
“Senza, baby. Stay with me. I need you.”
Those words brought her back. A cascade of color burst behind her eyelids. Had Trevor ever admitted he needed her? The sunlight in the room faded as a cloud passed overhead and darkened the entire office floor. The darkness had become her friend and safety net for the last four years. Yet, Senza braved the light and would give anything in this moment to have Trevor’s arms hold her tight.

This is one of my favorite quotes of the short story. Senza is facing the fear she had all of her life, the fear of being unable to control her power. The emotional trauma she is experiencing puts her into this black pit of despair and she thinks she won’t recover from this loss. Her power comes out in the form of light and in this passage she faces her fear and her light. Trevor admitting that he needs her allows her to find the inner strength to manipulate her power into at least a temporary control and gives Senza her confidence back. Trevor’s need of her, his love, is worth fighting the battle she has struggled with her entire life. 

Let’s find out author, Brenda Margriet’s, favorite quote. See you next week.

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