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Ascension by A.S. Fenichel

Ascension by A.S. Fenichel

Welcome back this week. A.S. Fenichel, author of Ascension, wants to know: 

What person living, dead, relative or strange had the biggest influence on your writing career? Tell us what he/she was like or how they shaped you. 




I'm going to be all sappy with this post. I know typically the person in these types of questions is supposed to be someone who was a famous writer (present or past) or someone famous at something in the past. Who to better influence a writer than another writer?

My Hubby and Me at RWA 2012.   photo by Fiona Riplee

My Hubby and Me at RWA 2012. 

photo by Fiona Riplee

I didn't aspire to be a writer. In fact, the thought had not occurred to me until the year before I joined RWA in 2010, not very long ago. At that time I had a crisis of identity about what I really wanted to do with my life. I had said something offhand like, "Too bad I couldn't be a professional reader." That idea sparked, "Well, could I be an author and write the stuff my professional reader self would enjoy?" 

Even for a year or so after I joined RWA, I never called myself a writer especially to other people. The person who liked my original idea and never gave up his support and encouragement was my husband. He was the one who had faith in me that I could do this. He badgered me until this introvert joined a national organization and went to her first local chapter meeting wondering if anyone would like me (or everyone would think I wasn't cracked up to be a writer). He was the one who encouraged me to join the local RWA chapter and go to my first RWA conference in 2012 and then again in 2013.  

He's still the one to get on my case if I'm surfing the Internet instead of working on edits or writing. :)

He was the one to talk me out of quitting after the contest fiasco. :) No need to go into details. It was as horrible as your imagination can create. 

He also told me to get my butt out there and do an author reading when I was sweating like a fool at the thought of reading my work to the PUBLIC! 

I know without his encouragement I would have given this up a long time ago. Now, I'm in too deep to stop, but when I get down and discouraged about my writing he is there to get me out of the fray. 

Into the Darkness by J.J. Devine

Into the Darkness by J.J. Devine

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