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Alpha Waves 

Do you ever wondering how some people can be creative superstars? They seem to have ideas right and left, day or night, there’s no stopping them - unless one of us bonks them over the head with apillow, just kidding. Or am i? mawwwhahaha

The brain is a mysterious organ. There’s a lot about the brain that is still unanswerable, but what science does know are brain waves. Everyone produces them, some produce more of one kind or the other, but generally we are all pretty similar. 

So what gives? Why are some of us able to come up with a fantastic creative project with only a toothbrush, diet coke, and cotton balls? 

They have probably been in an alpha state recently or right before their creative epiphany. This is the state of the brain where we are awake but have been in a relaxed state of mind and being. We aren’t necessarily focused or solving a problem but just chill-axing. We could’ve been daydreaming or meditating and that brought an alpha state to our brain. 

Sometimes these states occur when exercising. Despite the physical movements that come with exercise, there is a point when I reach the ‘zone’. I’m moving, but my brain isn’t actively focusing or thinking of anything in particular. 

Then I get an idea. 

So, how do I make the grade, A+, and generate some Alpha waves to help a creative slump? Meditation might work, but if you aren’t into that, any activity (ironically) which can put you or I into a relaxed state of mind without putting us to sleep will do it. 

  • Walking
  • Listening to soothing music
  • Relaxing on a hammock
  • Listening to ocean waves
  • Taking a shower (A lot of ideas occur in the shower. It’s weird.)
  • Any repetitive activity might work, such as: knitting, gardening, mowing the lawn, or riding a bike.
  • Visualization techniques might work, too. At least, I’ve read these work for athletes to put them into an alpha state before competing. 

Let me know how you grade any of the above. Hope you become a creative superstar.  

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August 24 2015 Romance Weekly



Welcome back this week for Romance Weekly. We have a fun flash fiction blog hop today brought to you my yours truly.

Make sure to check out author, Leslie Hachtel, for her amazing story. I'm excited to read all the posts today.

Here is the prompt.

Flash Fiction: Your hero & heroine are playing and “old-school” board game (one with an actual board or pieces old or new - just not a video game). The winner gets a special prize. 1000 words or less. 

This is my blog hop idea and yes I took liberty with the ‘rules’ above. You can call me Princess and you’ll understand after you’ve read the flash fiction. Hope you enjoy!




The warrior will be bestowed with the one coveted female in all of the world of Wondarious. Passion will be played and alliances made with the Fae army at the culmination of the stolen jewels of The Legend of Drizzt.

The human laughed at the description of the challenge. Princess Elizabetta Margaretta had her assistant assemble the board. They had chosen a long game. Opponents agreed to the rules and the added challenges shouted by the royal court. 

“The human guessed my magical number and this is his chosen method of battle.” The Princess licked her red lips. “I’m very excited to find who the winner will be.” 

A tone from one of her bangles released a low resonating note that rang in harmony with the crystal tear drops hanging from the ceiling. Crystals covered her low cut black dress flaring blood red when she moved.  

Princess Elizabetta

Princess Elizabetta

The woman was gorgeous and she was going to be Sziner’s. The human didn’t have a chance confusing the Dungeons and Dragons game with the reality of life in the outer galaxy. Would Sziner be able to manipulate Elizabetta’s human half while in the throes of passion? He tapped down his lust. Sziner glared at the human. This bengaw scat isn’t going to win. Sziner's strategy was solid. He could barely prevent the twitch in his lips at his premature triumph. 

The woman on the dais twirled a dark ringlet around her finger. Sziner couldn’t tell who she preferred the winner be, but the diva glare in her slitted eyelids kept falling on him during their hours of game play. He flexed his arms. To win a week long date with Princess Elizabetta Margaretta was the romp of a lifetime. Half-human in DNA, one hundred precent Fertiti Fae, her killer body complimented the sex appeal hovering around her like an invisible shroud.

The laughable pieces of The Legend of Drizzt spread out before Sziner. They had to work together on the board to reach the nest of jewels, but only one could claim the bounty. The man opposite him sitting at the stone table wouldn’t be able to handle a Fae such as the Princess anyway. Why was he attempting such defeat?

Humans ridiculously believed the Fae were magical creatures, in bed yes, but only magical in their connection to this planet’s life force. The magnetism on Earth was enough for Fae to control humans, but Fae couldn’t control Surge Demons, or water nymphs to the human. Stupid humans offended all the males of his species by calling them female.

Even more reason to beat this human at his own game. 

A human was no match for a Surge Demon from Planet Tenzaro. Manipulation of the seventy-five percent water composition of his opponent had been too easy, but Sziner hadn’t really needed the advantage. His wits had won this tournament. The human’s childish game had been no competition.

The Princess preened. He moved the pawn into attack position and took out the creature with ‘magical spells’ and ‘wizardry'. The human had three life left. Not enough to attack the next creature and score the jewels. The princess leaned forward, her bangles clinked along her arm and her sequined dress shimmered in the light. Her deep décolletage was presented to him as the gift it was meant to be. Elizabetta recognized his win as well. 

A moaned slipped from her lips, a sensual release of anticipation. He took a step toward her, but paused when her gaze fixed lustfully on the human. Sziner’s opponent was going to die, figuratively in the game and literally in real life, if the man returned Elizabetta’s offer. 

Sziner’s turn was next and the cheer of the crowd obliterated his shout of exultation. Bells filled the hall with soothing vibrations, another Fae means of manipulation. He stepped onto the lower dais. Elizabetta eagerly perched on her throne above him. Her lips curved revealing perfect white teeth. Her pink tongue darted out to taste whatever sweetness she hand on her lips. I’ll taste her soon. 

She said, “Congratulations, my warrior demon. Your wits are truly magnificent.” 

He stood inches away from her. His chest puffed with pride. 

Elizabetta ran a finger down his face and over his lips. “My confidence in your winnings is now sealed.” Her narrowed eyes and cheshire smile sent a wave of electrical energy along his spine. The battle decree he signed in his own blood lay on the table beside her. Sziner had read it thoroughly. His trusted attendant had confirmed the rules and the profit. Why did the Fertiti hum of deceit run along his arms?

In her full Fae glory, Princess Elizabetta Margaretta lifted her arm, her bangles clanged and she pointed to the human. She crooked her finger at the human while keeping her black cat eyes on Sziner. The human was helpless against her native power on this planet. He walked to the Princess and kneeled before her silk encased feet. Her laugh held a dark menace. “The winner has the backing of my Fae army as long as the contracted winnings are climaxed,” her low chuckle originated in the black pit of her heart, “to my satisfaction.” 

In Sziner’s forced devotion to the treachery before him, he failed to notice the precession of guards marching toward the dais. They parted and shoved a woman to the floor. She fell to her hands and knees, inches from Sziner’s boots. He gasped at the woman’s beauty, which far outweighed Elizabetta’s. The most coveted woman in Wondarious. Her olive skin glowed with fertile power. The Fae dress hugged her curves, yet, also floated around her body in a cloud of vapor. What he had mistaken for lust in Elizabetta’s presence paled at the all consuming need flooding his body. The dress faded from sheer to opaque. The Fertiti loved to tease and tantalize.

Elizabetta clapped her hands in glee, but Sziner couldn’t tear his eyes away to give her notice. Dark hair fell in waves around the woman’s face. She lifted her head and the glare of luminescent orange eyes cast darts of heat at Sziner’s flesh. He flinched. Kaia. His desire now repulsed him. His upper lip curled. She was an Erinys, the fury race of the galaxy, and his sworn enemy.

Kaia hissed at him. “I see you have no pride left, Sin, allowing a Fertiti to determine your mate. I thought nymph demons were smarter than that.”  



Kaia’s truth and derogatory term singed Sziner. How had Elizabetta captured a fury? An Erinys as devious as Kaia had made his life hell for years. 

This was the battle Princess Elizabetta had planned from the beginning.

I think I might be working on this story soon. It was a fun beginning. 

Onto our next author, Juliette Cross, and her fabulous story. See you next week! 

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August 18 2015 Romance Weekly



Do you like to read romance novels? Wouldn't you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all..... About our writing of course! Every week we'll answer questions and after you've enjoyed the blog on this site we'll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride! Tell your friends and feel free to ask us questions in the comment box.

Welcome back to Romance Weekly blog hop. The blog is set up in a round robin fashion so you can link to the next author for another interesting blog. Be sure to check out Collette Cameron’s blog when you are finished here. She’s before me in the blog hop today.

This week’s topic is from Carrie Elks

Stephen King famously said that it’s necessary to “kill your darlings” when editing your work. Do you have anything you had to remove from a book that you’re still proud of? Or something that embarrasses you so much it will never again see the light of day? If you’re feeling really brave, share some of it with us! 

Kill my darlings. This was a difficult lesson for me to learn. It took several critique partners and friends with confused looks on their faces for me to realize what I thought was a clear blue sky scene was actually a scene caked with mud, sand, and twigs. Honestly, it still happens with new writing so I’m constantly learning - or maybe I’ll never learn? Thank goodness for critique partners and friends willing to read my early drafts. 

I do have an example to share. It was really difficult for me to cut this scene. It was one that had come to me as a vision, epiphany or a plain old dream one night while I was sleeping. It actually woke up me in the middle of the night and I quickly wrote it down on paper so I wouldn’t forget it in the morning. Cutting a scene like that -- ohhh it’s terrible. It took several drafts of not cutting it and asking okay read it now until I saw the writing on the wall. CUT IT OUT.

As I looked over what I had saved (because I couldn’t bear to actually DELETE it, but just put it in another document for LATER USE) I can see now how it didn’t fit and really isn’t that great of a scene. At the time, I thought it was pretty cool. Hindsight is weird. This scene needs revision like a decaying tooth needs filled! It’s easy for me to see now where readers were confused, there were very few paranormal elements and the ones I had in there were vague and didn’t give the scene the punch it needed. Also, this was the opening scene and not one of the four characters were the hero or heroine. So, of course the readers thought Cameron was the star. (He did take over the show and another reason I had to cut his ass out of a lot of this manuscript.) 

I kept the scene around because (hahahahaha!) I thought when I cut it that my draft readers would be like - “Oh, something is missing. You need a scene with Cameron in the jungle so we know more about the military team.”  No one asked this. I think I just had a crush on Cameron.

So, here it goes.  


“Cam, do you copy?” 

    Cameron heard Amber’s voice in his ear, but he couldn’t respond to her. His throat closed over any words he tried to make. Pins and needles like a limb that fell asleep formed over his scalp. He remained in his crouched position hidden deep in the jungle. The dull ache in the back of his head increased in intensity and he felt the sweat trickle down the side of his face. He looked into the scope of the rifle and saw darkness. 


    “What’s going on Amber?” Zach asked his tone suggesting worry. 

    “Cam isn’t answering me. Has either of you seen him or know his position?” 

    Once again, Cameron tried to tell them he was okay. He dropped the gun and clutched the back of his head. Had he been shot? He pulled his hand away to see if there was any blood. Clear and pale as usual. The pain raged again and he couldn’t even see his weapon any longer.

    “Leon, “ said Zach, “do you know Cam’s position?” 

    “Negative. Do you think he was ambushed?” 

    “I’ll move up the mountain to see if I can get a lock on the target,” suggested Amber and Cam praised her good decision making skills. 

    “Leon, break the perimeter and see if you can find him,” ordered Zach.

    Cam wanted to shout to them to not break the perimeter. It was more important for the unit to complete the mission than to worry about him having a panic attack. He sunk onto the hot ground. Nothing ever felt cold in this country. His hands started to shake and for the first time he thought that he might be dying. Someone had spotted him and silently taken him out. What other explanation could there be?

    “I see him, “ Cam heard Leon say. “I’m scanning the area to see if there is anyone out there. He looks hurt, but I can’t tell.” 

    “How long will it take you to get to him?” asked Amber. 

    “About 5 minutes.” 


    No! Cameron wanted to shout but knew the sound came from his mind and not his mouth. Amber’s voice once again sounded in his ear. 

    “I see the target and will have a good shot from my position. Zach, are you prepped for exit once the deed is over?”


    Cam heard jungle vegetation move unnaturally and felt Leon beside him. He was still unable to see him or talk. 

    “Amber. Leon. Abort mission!”

    What no no no. What is Leon doing?

    Leon continued with his abort orders, “Stop any activity and make your way to my coordinates. Cam is hurt bad. I’m not sure what happened. He has a pulse, but we need to evac asap.” 

    “What’s going on? I have a clear shot, Leon.” 

    “Cam is bleeding everywhere. It’s everywhere... his eyes, nose, ears! Zach, bring the bigger medical kit here with you. I can’t determine where he’s been shot. He is starting to convulse.” 

    So, I was hit, Cam thought. How could that have happened? They had watched the small bunker in the jungle for three days making sure all the people who came in and out were accounted for. They timed the target’s arrival and departure in order to complete their mission. There had been no scouts or sentries anywhere near it. Had it been a lucky shot? 

    He felt Leon use the small medical kit each of them had on them. He put something is his mouth and it dissolved instantly. He wouldn’t have been able to swallow. He felt a pinch in his leg and realized that Leon had given him morphine. I must be really bad. I wonder if this will be my last mission. That thought gave him more motivation to pull through. Taft nor his men would be the one to kill him. He knew he had to live in order to bring justice to the world. To everyone’s world, even humans. 

    He heard another small rustling in the jungle and then Zach was crouched down on his other side. Zach placed a larger bag down and it brushed against Cam’s fingers. That’s the rescue bag, usually only for serious life threatening wounds. 

    “Did you find the entry point? Is it in his spine?” Zach asked. 

    “That’s the weirdest part.” Leon said as he grabbed the bag and pulled it over Cam’s body to get to the contents inside. 

    “More than one shot?”

    “No. There aren’t any bullet wounds.”  

Carrie Elks is next on the hop. See what darlings she has had to kill. See you next week.

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