April 19 2016 Romance Weekly



Welcome back for Romance Weekly. 

The hop is a short one this week. Make sure to check out Leslie Hachtel’s post when you are done here.

I came up with this week’s topic from reading The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler.

Over the years of writing stories, I, like many writers, hear about the hero's or heroine's journey. As a part of the journey the main character runs into a Threshold Guardian that puts roadblocks or obstacles in their path to prevent forward movement. What Threshold Guardians have you, as an author, experienced in your hero's/heroine's journey to being an author?

I think there are several Threshold Guardians that authors run into at various points in their lives and careers. When I came up with this topic I was thinking about recent events that had been pushing me further and further behind on a self-editing project I desperately wanted to finish. Those events were a combination of what many of us experience with hectic jobs and family life, but also series of mild (and moderate) illness that occurred over several months.

I blame my toddler for these illness because if the todd came home sick I was guaranteed to get sick in a few days as well. (Your nodding your head if you’re a parent to little ones.) Unfortunately, as far as schedules went, the days I got sick were those dedicated to my writing and I was too miserable and tired to think clearly, let alone fix a broken plot and re-write the ending of a manuscript I had wanted to get off to an editor months before these said illnesses.

Funny as well (at least now that I’m not sick – I just knocked on some wood to make sure I don’t get sick this week) these illnesses also came with the change in season and seemed to last from October until April. So my Threshold Guardian was realllllyyyyy guarding the gate and I had a hell of a time kicking his butt to the curb. It’s a true test of an author to find the energy to push forward when energy is at an all time low. Throw holidays on top of this and it was like my writing and editing momentum came to a screeching halt.

I did make it passed this Threshold Guardian after realizing rest was necessary, a trip to the doctor for much needed medications, and that this too shall pass (eventually). I have since finished that manuscript and have moved onto the next one. I’m not saying I won’t be crabby the next time I catch a toddler bug (I’m past due), but at least I know this isn’t going to stop me from reaching my goal. Delays I can deal with (most of the time).

Thanks for stopping by. Hop on over to Jenna Da Sie’s post to find out what she’s experienced in her writer’s journey.

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