March 22 2016 Romance Weekly



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This week I asked our authors to list some insights into the psyche of their mind by learning about what movie or Network series that you LOVE to watch. What do you think the movie(s) or show(s) says about their creative personality?


Carrie Elks was before me in the hop today.

After reading my post, stop on by to see what movies or TV shows she watches obsessively.

Shows and series that I’m obsessed with in no particular order:

·      Walking Dead

·      Penny Dreadful

·      Billions

·      Lost

·      True Blood

·      Breaking Bad

·      Game of Thrones

I gravitate toward the weirder or supernatural themed shows. I’d probably watch more sci fi shows if I had cable, but I don’t. The ones listed are not necessarily horror. Penny Dreadful or True Blood could fall into the horror category, but really horror was just one aspect for both of those shows. I found Penny Dreadful to be more mystical and supernatural with an element of horror (it’s my latest obsession). There are so many layers to these shows and I think this is what I really like about them and the fact that on the outside someone would say this show is about X, but in fact there is more going on behind the scenes.

Another common theme I see in the shows I like is they are survival stories set in a time or place that isn’t as it seems. Nothing is normal.

Ironically, just the other day a friend of mine asked what is normal. I really don’t think there is a normal when it comes to people. We all have something unique about us that someone else could find very odd. Our TV show viewing habits, for instance.

I’m not sure what these shows say about me as a person or about my psyche. Maybe I like dark stories because it’s easy for me to find the light or some gleam of hope for the characters. I watch with that idea in the back of my mind hoping that the character is going to find their happily ever after even though if it’s not a romance they probably won’t. If a show give a happy ending when the series is finished then I write my version of it so that it does.

The other possibility is because I write about love I want to watch shows that aren’t’ necessarily about love as a balance for my inner state of mind.

Or maybe I just know what I like and that’s normal for me.

I’m excited to find out what other shows our authors are obsessed with. 


Brenda Margriet is next in the hop. Let’s find out what she watches.

See ya next week!