Breathe the Creativity In

I've been heads down for months. I finished a big project and that took a huge weight off my shoulders. So huge in fact that I was able to catch the mother of head colds and be miserable for the first warm weekend of the year. 

Nothing like getting fresh air and exercise when tired and having a stuffy nose. I realize I had probably been burning my candle at both ends and possibly in the middle, too.

The days of not doing much because of my illness were difficult, but also necessary. I had been pushing myself to the edge, and had not allowed myself a break in my determination to finish a creative project. I finished self-edits on my first full length manuscript that I'm going to self-publish in April. *Sigh of relief.*

I hadn’t taken a break. So, a break was forced on me in the form of an illness. A lesson learned because I’d rather have been healthy enough to celebrate properly after accomplishing my goal. My creative well was dried up.

Instead of being scared, I'll let it rest and refill the well. After a break, I can start on something new and fresh. I hope I can start on something new after. That's always a big fear. Did I use up all my creative mojo? Will I be able to produce something as fun and fantastic again?

The answer is yes. After several naps, some wine or chocolate (or both if you are into that), and some mindless play. It will come back.

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