Wacky Wednesday September 09 2015

Train Wreck

It was an interesting weekend over the Labor Day holiday. One of high drama, collapsing railroad tracks, and the obsessions of a toddler. Thomas the Train Adventures reality show staring my 22 month old.

I had a dream not too long ago about alien visitation. In the dream, my son’s toy was producing a frequency that attracted alien spacecraft. Basically, a phone home ET type message, except the message was to my house. The real culprit of the dream was Thomas the train, the motorized version. It’s not really a loud toy, but after hearing the scratching of the wheels all weekend long and the clack clack clack when it gets stuck, it’s not surprising to me aliens are visiting us because of that noise.

We’ve had Thomas for a while and one train was enough to inspire some pretty creative dreams which involved Men in Black and a super sized Tonka truck being placed in the backyard by a toddler from another solar system. This weekend Thomas was joined by his good friend Percy. There were lots of races and crashes. Perfect entertainment for a toddler in any galaxy. Well... until they get stuck somewhere. Mom and Dad to the rescue. I wonder what I’ll dream about tonight. 

Photo Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_the_Tank_Engine