Labor Day Create

Depending on which creative craft I want to focus on, there are techniques that can be taught and therefore learned. Yet, just because I take a class, read a book or watch a video doesn’t necessarily mean the creative vibe will strike. 

Most of the time creativity is disguised as work. Pretty appropriate considering today is Labor Day.  A creative piece could start out as a fun practice. I just want to see what will happen or see if I even like this method. When I come back to a particular practice piece again and again, that's when the work turns into something more. Something someone could call creative. Or when I do a lot of practices and each time it gets somewhat easier and more fluid each time I try it, I would consider thinking creativity had illuminated me somehow by magic.

I won’t say it’s typical that the practice, the work, I put in will always turns into to something cool. Most of the time it doesn’t turn into anything. Like the idea box I have for stories (or the file of unfinished stories on my computer), the collection of half finished art journals on the shelf, or the knitting projects in progress that I no longer know what they were supposed to be. These all contribute to my learning.

I can learn a techniques, but not fully grasp the concept until several months later, sometimes years later. Some creatives don’t like to hear this. I’m one of them. Years! I don’t have time to wait around like that. I want to be doing and making and creating with abandon everyday. 

So I practice and practice some more. It’s just fun. After the years have gone by, I really am amazed at how the work I've put in really lets my creativity soar. The labor is what really counts.

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