Wacky Wednesday October 7 2015

he toddler has now become the “Ruler”.

“Mama, sit down!” He pats the floor next to him or the child sized seat that my butt won’t possibly fit into.

“Dad, outside!” he grabs hubby’s hand and literally drags him down the hallway.

It’s amusing for now.

The best is his bossing the dogs around. “Ab!” “Dais!” aka: Abby & Daisy. Of course, they don’t listen to him. Our dogs are a lot like our toddler. He bosses the dogs and either gets ignored or typically a big lick in the face by a dog tongue. They are trying to shut him up. LOL.

It’s the small amusement these days that make my heart sing. See you next week. 

Photo from depositphotos.com