Wacky Wednesday September 30 2015

Drat those clouds!

Drat those clouds!

The eclipse last Sunday was pretty cool. I’ve always heard of a blood moon, but had never thought I’d get to see one. My fascination with celestial objects began as a kid and somehow I’ve managed to miss most of the ‘once in a lifetime’ events.

·      Eclipses

·      Meteor showers

·      Rare comets

So, I was teased on Sunday with the cloud cover in my area. The moon was bright and clear, and it was ten minutes to show time. Then the biggest freaking cloud I’ve ever seen moved in and blocked my view! Talk about being bummed. Another one missed!

Fortunately, about thirty minutes later I check the sky and there was a break in the sky. I saw the eclipse and the moon turn orange and red and sections of clouds floated by. The effect was spectacular. 

Photo from depositphotos.com