Your Creative A+

Alpha Waves 

Do you ever wondering how some people can be creative superstars? They seem to have ideas right and left, day or night, there’s no stopping them - unless one of us bonks them over the head with apillow, just kidding. Or am i? mawwwhahaha

The brain is a mysterious organ. There’s a lot about the brain that is still unanswerable, but what science does know are brain waves. Everyone produces them, some produce more of one kind or the other, but generally we are all pretty similar. 

So what gives? Why are some of us able to come up with a fantastic creative project with only a toothbrush, diet coke, and cotton balls? 

They have probably been in an alpha state recently or right before their creative epiphany. This is the state of the brain where we are awake but have been in a relaxed state of mind and being. We aren’t necessarily focused or solving a problem but just chill-axing. We could’ve been daydreaming or meditating and that brought an alpha state to our brain. 

Sometimes these states occur when exercising. Despite the physical movements that come with exercise, there is a point when I reach the ‘zone’. I’m moving, but my brain isn’t actively focusing or thinking of anything in particular. 

Then I get an idea. 

So, how do I make the grade, A+, and generate some Alpha waves to help a creative slump? Meditation might work, but if you aren’t into that, any activity (ironically) which can put you or I into a relaxed state of mind without putting us to sleep will do it. 

  • Walking
  • Listening to soothing music
  • Relaxing on a hammock
  • Listening to ocean waves
  • Taking a shower (A lot of ideas occur in the shower. It’s weird.)
  • Any repetitive activity might work, such as: knitting, gardening, mowing the lawn, or riding a bike.
  • Visualization techniques might work, too. At least, I’ve read these work for athletes to put them into an alpha state before competing. 

Let me know how you grade any of the above. Hope you become a creative superstar.  

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