Are You Too Comfortable?

Would you do this?

Would you do this?

We like being comfortable. I know I do. A lot. 

What would you never do? Sing in public, dance at a concert, give a speech or climb to the tallest mountain you could? Yikes! I'd never do any of those things either.

The comfort zone is self-explanatory. It's my favorite blanket, a home cooked meal, or my cozy set of pajamas. 

It's also how I get stuck in a rut. I want to get out of that pit. 

So I...

  • Sing in my car and laugh when I get weird looks.
  • Have fun dancing at the park with my child. I don't care who sees me. 
  • Give an impromptu summary at a writers' club I belong to.
  • Find the tallest structure I can and climb to the top. 

The ideas above give me a swirly sensation in my stomach after eating a bad sandwich, but doing them gives me a boost in confidence. I opened myself to a new experience which in turn will get my creative gears moving. 

If your rut feels like a comfy hoodie you've had since high school it might be time to take it off and try something new. Just for a little while. I can always find my comfort zone, but if I stay there I'll only get the same old thing everyday. Sometimes I need an adventure. 

Tell me about your out-of-the-comfort-zone experience and how it boosted your confidence. 

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