Pause for Thought

What if I were a beginner and had no knowledge of what it was I was going to create or how to do it? Doesn’t matter what the end result would be. I would be learning and discovering as I went. 

On my journey to absorb all that I can in whatever creative piece I’m working on, I forget to approach it as a beginner. The rules get all jumbled up and in the way. I lose the joy in creating. What I’m after is a sense of fun and enjoyment. Of course, there is going to be hard work involved, (creating and work come hand in hand) but also all work and no play makes me very cranky. 

Sometimes just jumping in and finding out what happens can be the most creative experience that happens during the day or week. I will take all the rules and techniques and pause for a second. I have an adventure right then and there and jump in with both feet.

Beginners have a lot of fun and leave their worries behind. 

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