July 21 2015 Romance Weekly



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Welcome Back this week. Hope your summer is going fabulously!  

Make sure to stop by fellow Romance Weekly Writer Tracey Gee's blog, LOVExtra, after you have checked out mine. 

I came up with the blog hop topic this week. Summer is in full swing and I'd like to know: 1) Your favorite summer memory 2) What you enjoy the most about summer and 3) How the warm days and sunshine affect your writing habits. 

Here are my thoughts... 

#1 My favorite summer memory. 

My childhood was spent on a farm and one of the pastures had a creek running through it. I loved walking there with friends or family, sometimes just me and my dogs splashing in the water. I would collect pretty river rocks. I would hunt for just the perfect one among all the smooth shiny surfaces. I don't remember the summers on the farm ever getting too hot, but the breeze along the creek was always soothing and the water cool. 

#2 What do I enjoy the most about summer?

I like the laziness of summer. The days are long and there is not as much hustle and bustle going on unless I go looking for it. This probably goes back to my summer vacations as a child. Those were the days were I could have fun and go without a schedule and not have to have something due. I could explore and learn stuff I wanted to learn on my own time. I think I still have this philosophy about summer despite always having a schedule now, unless it's a vacation away from home. There is just something about the warm days that makes it feel so easy going.

#3 How do the warm days and sunshine affect my writing habits?

Sometimes the summer days can be very distracting for my writing. I don't necessarily want to work on my writing when I get home from the day job because the sun is out and the weather is spectacular. I want to go do something fun with the family or take a walk. Because the days are long, it's difficult to sit in front of the computer all day and into the evening when it feels like I should be enjoying the season. I probably write less in the summer than I do in the fall or winter, but I'm found the trick is to make time for both. I have a goal for what I can get done and I'll give myself a time to do it. For instance, I'll decide to take a walk after work then around 9 or 10 pm I'll sit down and work on my writing for an hour. It's interesting when I ready over my rough drafts they usually take place during the cold months of the year. I need to write more new stuff in the summer to change it up. 

Now I'm curious how author, Brenda Margriet, is taking in the summer months. 

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the blog hop and see you next week!