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Carrie Elks  Broken Chords

Carrie Elks Broken Chords

Welcome back. Our hop is a lot of fun today. Make sure to check out Carrie Elks, author of Broken Chords.  







Fellow Romance Weekly author, Susan Scott Shelley (author of Rekindled) wants to know our player's (hero's) walk-up song (aka Entrance theme). 

Unfortunately, I don't have any theme songs for my characters. My mind has been so overly cluttered with stuff to do these days most of the time there are no songs that pop into my head, except maybe:  

The itsy bits spider climbed up the water spout, down came the rain.... 

Okay. I'll be singing that later. :)

Or a random tune from a Ford Raptor toy my toddler has decided to just keep his finger on the button for the past 1/2 hour while he smiles and dances. It's equally adorable and annoying! 

Devil or Angel?

Devil or Angel?

But there is hope for this post still. I did have an idea for a story line that came from a song I enjoyed when I was actually working out on a consistent basis. This was a long time ago, but I have gotten back into working out (slowly) so maybe I'll be getting more ideas from music in the future. **crosses fingers**

The song is  "E.T." by Katy Perry.  

He gives Amber chills.

He gives Amber chills.

I heard this while working out. I had been working on a manuscript with my alien (a.k.a. Sixxers) soldier team and when this song played in my headphones I immediately imaged one of the soldiers, Amber hearing this song and feeling equal parts fear and hope. Now, Amber is a tough as nails soldier and she's not afraid of anything, except the Sixxer who betrayed her. The lyrics of the song "Could you be the devil? Could you be an angel?" fit this Sixxer to a T, and the extraterrestrial theme fit my concept, too. So, I guess this is his theme song if Amber had a say in the decision. She hasn't told me his name, yet. I'm upset about that.

Now, that this idea has been brought to the front of my mind again, I really really want to start writing Amber's story. I'm going to have to do something about this problem. 



J.J. Devine,  Into the Darkness

J.J. Devine, Into the Darkness

I wonder what song J.J. Devine, author of Into the Darkness, picked this week? 









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