Self-doubt Creates Catastrophes

The World Has Ended!   Picture provided by

The World Has Ended!

Picture provided by

There are people who have said to me, "I’m not creative, I’ll never be creative. You can’t force me to be creative by saying that everyone is creative."

Slow down young buck. 

What these individuals do not know is they are already being creative in their downward spiral of creative catastrophes. 

I do it all the time, and that’s when I realized I was using my creative force, my passion and my feelings to make a wild world of doom and gloom. (I’ve since channeled this into my fiction - most days - and in general I'm happier for it.) I didn’t want to live in a world of doom and gloom, but my subconscious mind was feeding me the biggest doozies of them all. 

Maybe these catastrophes of self-doubt sound familiar. Maybe you have some that are even better.


1.  I can’t be a writer. I won’t make any money and without money I’ll lose the house, the car, the kids, my spouse, my book club friends, my dog won’t like me and then I’ll be homeless living in a box alone.

(Yeah... shut the front door on that one, please!)


2.  I can’t create a new painting. If no one likes it then I’ll be devastated and fall into depression where all my family and friends will tar and feather me and force me to go on the show Hoarders and make me throw all my art supplies into the trash.

(Create for yourself. Everyone else can kiss yo.... I digress.)


3.  I’ll never be able to create a new song that sounds original. All I hear are the kids in the background screaming and fighting and then the dog will puke on the carpet and I’ll have to clean it up and no one wants to sing a song about dog vomit.

(There's a song about toast so sing about life and it's hilarity. Make no excuses!)



Maybe you read one of these and thought, OMG this chick read my freaking mind. She is psychic. 

I’ll say, you’re one creative sum-a-bitch if you create these catastrophes on a daily basis. And also you’re not the only one. 

When things go badly it’s easy to spiral all the good away and create a place where nothing good happens. This is creative self-doubt and it is the birthplace of dead dreams. Once the self-doubt multiplies our dreams fall into a decline and sometime we do as well. 

Could these things happen?

Why not.

Lots of stuff happens in life, but until it does why funnel all the talent you have into what MIGHT happen. Funnel it into what you are passionate about, music, writing, art. Funnel it into your day job if that’s what makes you happy. Funnel it into raising your kids or your dog. There are so many ways to be creative. I know I fall onto the path of what stereotypes define or what society thinks a creative endeavor has to be, and I frequently remind myself to SLOW down.

Self-doubt is a part of being human. Recognize it and then beat it into submission. Creativity is also a part of being human. Use it to create something awful. You never know who might like it or be moved by your struggles.

What are your creative catastrophes?