Creative Thinking

I think a lot. Some say too much. I believe it's a blessing and also the curse of a creative person. 

If there's very little thinking, there's very little originality for me. Nothing new happens. So, what's the down side of all this thinking? 

If you ride or have ridden a bicycle, imagine the wipe out of the century (at least in your eyes). When I come out of the daze the following illustrates how my thinking is a curse.

"This is not right," I say as I look at my masterpiece. "Why can't I remember the plot point I was trying to make six months ago? Ugg!" 

"No one is going to like my creative side. They'll think I'm weird." (At times I am. Don't hate.) 

"I'm keeping this one to myself. The world shouldn't be subjected to it." 

"Everything I've written so far is utter crap!" 

"If I only had time or talent or a trust fund - yeah, that would do it - I'd be able to write something really good." 

Creative thinking? Yes. Technically, it is creative thinking but of the sort that isn't going to get me anywhere but depressed and on the road to giving up. 

Where's the blessing in my thoughts? The curse is taking over and I've forgotten how to use creativity to give me support when I'm down. Can I think in a different way? Will that make a difference? 

Once I learned how to ride a bike I've not forgotten how. It's a marvel how the mind and body remembers. There are times when after a long hiatus I'm rusty in my attempts and not as confident in all the tricks I used to be able to do as a kid. (Calm down. There weren't many.) As I gain confidence on my bike by riding it more frequently, I remember how fun it is to ride. I do the same by thinking of wild ideas in order to exercise my creative side. Eventually, my confidence comes back and a new thinking does occurs. 

"Hey, this is pretty good." 

"Look at how much I've learned from the last project I worked on." 

"There is someone like myself who will enjoy what I've created."

"Those complements I received were a welcome smile after such hard work." 

I remind myself frequently of the following, thinking needs balance. I can go off the deep end with how bad my creative efforts are but then realize how silly I am by telling tall tales to myself.

I will use my creative thinking for good not evil. (Well, unless I need to write a villain then I have to use it for evil but in a good way.) Have fun with your creative thinking! 

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