The Getaway

I had a great weekend.

I am a member of the author group, Crossroads Writers of America, and we had our yearly retreat. It's an overnight retreat for two nights, Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. For those who can arrive early on Friday we relax, catch up, and have a lot of laughs. Throughout the weekend there are scheduled activities, and unscheduled time for writing, brainstorming, or reading if any of us so desire. We had a speaker on Saturday morning to provide education and went out to dinner Saturday night for some social time away from the computer.

Writing is a lonely activity. Most of the time writers sit by themselves working out ideas in their heads oblivious to the world. For my personality this works out fine, but to be able to have an uninterrupted time with other writers to collaborate and talk about what we all love to do is wonderful.

We all need some time to leave our normal activities behind and retreat, no matter what creative activity we are into. The place we stayed was actually for scrapbookers to get away and enjoy a Saturday or weekend to work on memory books. It was out in the country so there was no one to bother us and we wouldn't bother others if we laughed too loud!

It's the one time a year where I come home from a trip and feel rejuvenated instead of tired. You know - the vacation from the vacation feeling? I encourage everyone to take the time, even if it's one day once a year and create your own retreat. Can't wait for next year.