My Mind Espresso Enhanced in Five Easy Steps

I'm overwhelmed. I want to give up. My head is tired. My body is weary.

There is all this... gunk... cluttering my brain. Focus runs away at every opportunity. Inspiration laughs at me. How can I get back to my creative landscape? If I'm not careful, the gunk takes over and obligations get the spotlight.

I need my mind espresso enhanced. Now, you might be thinking: Oh, yeah baby. Me loves the espresso. The real stuff is awesome, but the liquid variety is a temporary fix to my problem. In cases of emergency, this is the elixir of life, but I have to stop treating every day like it's an emergency.  

How do I get my mind espresso enhanced without becoming a Starbucks addict? 

1. Make a decision.

The cluttering of my mind results from either a) not committing or b) over committing. This shouldn't be rocket science, but if I don't have a daily reminder to decide and move on the OVERWHELM takes place. The only way to get my buzz of purpose is to commit. A decision creates focus which beats away all the other obligations.

2. Get The Blank Out of Bed 

UG! I hate this one. I've convinced myself for years I'm not a morning person. It's why I rely on the emergency liquid espresso. I examined that belief. It doesn't mean getting up at 3am or 5am to work on a project with blurry eyes. It means I am my most clear, focused and ready to get down and dirty in the morning hours. This also can mean the figurative bed, like when all I want to do is sleep at 8pm after a long day. I find my "cup of coffee" and make a habit of working at my peak productive hours and the hours I am given uninterrupted time.  

3. I Ding Myself for Tardiness

I learned to make a realistic schedule and stick to it. I have two days a week where I have huge chunks of creative time. Initially, the high of freedom grabbed me and other obligations would take precedence. Now, I am not late for these days. I can't complain about not having time if I'm not seizing the moments that are offered. This includes small chucks of time all the other days of the week, too.

4. Marathon a Favorite Artist 

Sometimes (gasp) I forget where the joy comes from. A little reminder is necessary. I read a book, watch a movie, go to an art fair or gallery, or listen to music. I find someone else's creations and stare or listen in awe of what they have accomplished. It inspires me and gives me focus.

5. Zen Myself Into The Ultimate Power of Gunk Destruction

This statement seems contradictory, zen vs. destruction. The truth is, in order to find mental espresso and for it to work properly, the gunk has to go. All of it - doesn't matter what - is hogging all my brain space and eventually nothing else is going to fit. Also, what's already in there is packed to the gills and it's difficult to make original thoughts. I make an effort to zen out frequently. I know I haven't in a while when the OVERWHELM is hovering.

After following my own advice, not necessarily in the order written, I've found that mental espresso is awesome at getting a creative project accomplished. I do indulge in the occasional espresso and usually require my morning cup of coffee, but I like having alternatives. How do I know this mental espresso works? I was two seconds away from trashing this post. I think I'm going to keep these steps close for the next time I'm feeling the urge to quit.

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