5 Ways to Fix a Creative Flat

I need to get back on the creative highway.

Spring is here. I have Spring Fever. I have conflicting situations: I have a lot on my mind and also not much on my mind as I think of sunny skies and warm days.

It's raining outside and I'm stuck inside as the weather turns from bitter cold to mild warmth that feels like a heat wave. 

Because of the weather change, that is good but not great and my lack of focus it causes, I feel like I'm not making any tracks except the huge rut my spinning has created. I'm stuck in the mud. When my mind whirls and I can't focus on any particular thing it is like my creativity has gotten a flat tire. I can't move forward. I'm not sure what to do to get back on the road.  

What would I do if I had a real flat tire? 

1. Call for help.

Honestly, if I had a flat tire I would panic and call for help immediately. My thinking is leave it to the experts. I would call on my friends and family to help me out of a creative rut as well. If I really don't want to bother them for whatever reason a journal page or notebook can do the trick. I write down those thoughts that won't leave me alone. They get out of my head and my next moves are clear. 

2. Drag out the spare.

I realize there is a problem and figure out the next steps in solving that problem. Sometimes just the act of doing something else can help get me unstuck.

3. Jack up the car.

There's no way to put a tire on a car unless I've used the jack and lifted it off the ground. Similarly, if I feel down in the dumps about my current projects a little inspiration goes a long way. I listen to some upbeat music, read an inspiring quote, or enlist a friend in giving me a pep talk.

4. Hope someone will take pity on me and stop.

It's okay to feel lost sometimes. If no one is available to help or I just can't figure out what to do at the moment, it's okay to not know what to do. Breathe. Relax. I already have a flat so technically I'm not going anywhere. I'll take advantage of that time to do nothing or nap. Naps are wonderful.

5. Woman up, get the job done and get back to normal.

Okay. I've been refreshed with a nap, gotten a pep talk and help as needed. It's now time to get a functional tire on the car and drive to my destination. 

What techniques do you use to get your spring creativity back on the road?

Photo provided by depositphotos.com