Be Okay With The Still

I'm having a productive day. I wake up and from the moment I get out of bed there are a hundred things to do and I'm on top of them. The 'things' get done. Check marks get made. I go places. I visit people. I'm moving moving moving. 

My brain feels like the most efficient machine I have ever had the pleasure of running. More 'things' pop into my head we can do today. It's already been good - let's keep going. My feet hurt. My arms ache, I'm developing a tick in my left eye. My husband thinks I'm winking at him.

It's getting late. The only thoughts I have in my head now are of sleep and my wonderful bed. 

It would be easy to let this happen every day. The problem is none of it involved creativity. I was on automatic pilot. The moments where I thought my brain was being efficient was because there wasn't much thinking involved. Only doing. 

Don't get me wrong, doing is good. I need to do in order to reach my creative goals. The problem in the pursuit of doing is I forget I also need to NOT do. 

I need to enjoy the still.

In the moments of quiet reflection is where my brain becomes efficient in forming new pathways and connections. 

This is when... Eureka! 

Ideas burst into my head. Characters start to talk. I get silly and fun stuff happens.

When I'm okay with the stillness surrounding me and beat down the urge to jump up and DO something, anything (like check my phone for 'important' social media notifications) I find a world I forgot was there.

It is easy for you to remove the still in favor of doing?

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