April 7 2015 Romance Weekly



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We are back this week with a request from Victoria Barbour, author of Against Her Rules & 21st Century Rake. She wants me to show her the cast of characters for my most recent work in progress. 

Against Her Rules

Against Her Rules

21st Century Rake

21st Century Rake

Romance Writer's Weekly is a fun hop. You can start anywhere and hop to discover some amazing authors. For instance Raine Balkera, author of Sing To Me, is before me in the hop. If you haven't stopped by make sure to check out her blog. 

Edits on Circle of Fantasies is getting ready to slam my schedule. No better time then to revive the cast of characters and find out what all the fuss is about. I plan to have Circle of Fantasies out late summer / early fall of 2015.  

Circle of Fantasies

Circle of Fantasies

Summary: Circle of Fantasies 

In a quest to find her father, Mia Wendel is drawn into an alien conspiracy. Partnered with the sexy Daniel she has no room for romance. As they dig deeper into her father's corporation they learn Mia has alien DNA. Can Daniel still accept her love? 

Daniel Anderson falls for Mia at first sight. Forced to work together their closeness forms an impenetrable bond. Desires filter into thoughts and dreams. When Daniel's research targets Mia for experiments they fight for their freedom and the truth.

Main Cast of Characters:

Mia Wendel:

Mia is a recent college graduate who just found out her biological father isn't the man who raised her. She also finds out that she's not completely human. Her conservative and straight forward life is thrown into a tailspin because of this knowledge. She is a ball of energy in her quest to discover who her father is and doesn't have time for the moon dog eyes Daniel gives her or the secret desires he forces her to acknowledge.

Daniel Anderson:

Daniel is a total geek who likes to pump iron and watch watch sci-fi films. He's a physically fit research scientist who is into gadgets most specifically nanobots. The tiny robots are being developed by the company he works for and that's when and where he meets Mia. He falls hard and fast for Mia. He's a lover not a fighter until his girl is put in harms way. 

Kyle and Stephen Belrich:

Owners of the company where Mia and Daniel work. Also, Kyle is Mia's biological father and an evil SOB. Kyle wants the nanobots in order to experiment on aliens he has captured in secret facilities around the world. Stephen is Mia's half brother and responsible for shipping Mia off for some fun experiments once they find out she's part alien. Stephen really only cares about money.

Rachel Wendel:

Mia's mother is a scientist. She once collaborated with Kyle Belrich on the experiments he is so fond of. She was driven and cold hearted in her pursuit of knowledge, often experimenting on herself - until she was pregnant with Mia. Rachel put all of her passion into keeping her child safe. She'll do whatever is necessary to keep Kyle from her daughter.

Thom Robbins:

Thom is a part of Kyle Belrich's team in charge of the alien experiments. Thom's goal is to have a child with alien power or somehow attain the power for himself. He uses all of them in order to meet these goals. 

Daniel and Mia have a lot of challenges in Circle of Fantasies. 

Thanks for reading about my work in progress this week. Hop on over to author Eden Ashe to read about the cast of characters in her latest work in progress. Enjoy! Hope to see you next week.