Habits: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Focus on the habits you want.

Focus on the habits you want.

The Ugly: 

I've heard it before. (Maybe you have, too!). Break those nasty habits and my life will change. Success is only one broken habit away. If I keep doing the same thing nothing will change.

The Bad: 

I know how hard it is to break a habit. Especially, breaking a habit that has become so ingrained into my person I do it without even thinking about it. (Like eating just because I can and not because I'm hungry. Or hitting the snooze bar about 50 times before I get out of bed - by then I'm running late. Or doing laundry instead of writing.) It's easy to convince myself these habits aren't so bad and they will be easy to conquer. 

The Good:

It took an old Seinfeld episode to turn my thinking around. It's the one where George decides to do everything opposite of what he had been doing before. The hilarity that follows gets him a job with the Yankees - his dream job.  

Since my life isn't a comedy show there could be a potential downside when using this approach in real life. Or is there? What if instead of focusing on my bad habits I concentrate on my good habits? What if I make a point to add more good habits into my life? 

If I made a habit of writing, painting, walking, or waking up without the snooze every day I would get better at doing these things. I would know when I had time for them and eventually after doing them over and over again something will change! These creative habits I care so much about will become ingrained into my person. 

I'll be creative without even having to think about it.

Did your mind explode? I know mind just did.

I'm going to put my energy into the habits I want to keep doing. What habits are helping your creative life?

Photo provided by depositphotos.com