March 17 2015 Romance Weekly

#LoveChatWrite #RomanceWeekly

#LoveChatWrite #RomanceWeekly

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You can pre-order!

You can pre-order!

Welcome Back for Romance Weekly. It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Betty Bolte wants us to tell her our St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Betty recently had a cover reveal and it's a beauty. Her novel, Samantha's Secret, releases April 21st. 

If you haven't already, check out Betty's St. Patrick's celebrations. 

I don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day like I have known others in my social sphere do. I don't go out or even stay in and dye everything green. I don't attend any events under a tent where green beer is served. I have occasionally attended a party where there are green foodstuffs but other than that the day is pretty low key for me. In fact, I haven't actually celebrated St. Patrick's Day in a very long time but I do have some fun memories of the occasion. 

I used to make sugar cookie shamrocks and four leaf clovers every year. It was my thing. I would go the old fashioned route and make the dough myself, roll it out and then make green and white frosting with sprinkles and candy decorations. It was good times but as the years went by I stopped. My guess is my expanding waistline had something to do with it.  

I loved finding something green to wear to school when I was young or to work after I graduated college. I look good in green so it wasn't a hardship to find something or buy something for the occasion. 

Years ago when my nephew was due in March my sister told us that if he was born on St. Patrick's Day she was going to name him Patrick. No, didn't happen. He was born after the famous holiday. Although, of interest is our neighbors down the road had horses and one of the foals was born on the 17th and she named him Patrick. Good thing my nephew wasn't named after a horse. I don't think he would've enjoyed that. 

I hope if you celebrate the day that it's a safe and happy one. Keep those memories alive. See you next week.

How does Kim Handysides celebrate St. Patrick's Day?