February 17 2016 Romance Weekly



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Welcome back to the Romance Weekly's blog hop. I might be your first stop or you might be coming from the lovely Victoria Barbour's blog. No matter where you start it will be a lot of fun. 

Because several of our Romance Weekly authors are in a cold winter climate, A.S. Fenichel wants to know our favorite (warm) vacation spots. 

It has been cold in my neighborhood this winter. The arctic blasts seems to love to come on down to Indiana and leave us in a deep freeze. It’s nice to think of my favorite warm vacation spots for a bit. I have a few of them. I’ll list my top 3 just because it’s fun and sometimes the order switching around depending on my mood so my favorite today could be different in a month or two. 

Beaches are nice.    ©   Mamz   |   Dreamstime Stock Photos

Beaches are nice. 

© Mamz | Dreamstime Stock Photos

  1. I would have to put Jamaica at the top of the list because it is where my husband and I got married. It was wonderful and the first time I experienced the clear blue ocean and island atmosphere.
  2. Arizona is a favorite for both me and my husband. We love the desert and hiking in the canyons. We haven’t made it to the Grand Canyon but that’s a trip we are planning very soon. 
  3. Florida is always a favorite because there is usually a warm part of the state no matter what time of year. I say usually because there have been a few arctic blasts that have made it down to Florida but hopefully those remain rare. 

There is what I dream of on a cold winter’s day. Let’s see what warm places Xio Axelrod will take us.  See you next week.