A Creative New Year

The Long Winter Night   depositphotos.com

The Long Winter Night 


Last year I set out to explore creativity and found out a lot about myself and the effort it takes to make creativity a part of my life. Maybe you found out something similar. There is so much to learn and discover that it could take a lifetime of study and I would still be learning. 

There were days when I felt the creative inspiration I was seeking was easy to find and there were other days when I felt deserted. As the seasons changed the feelings of desertion became stronger my ability to be creative was a struggle. I sit here in the dreary winter wondering if I will ever feel well again (after one cold followed by another) or see the sun again or feel it’s warmth on my face.

The darkness of winter is a soul sucking monster convincing me I should not be bothered with notions such as creativity. There are so many things to do in the limited amount of light that I have. All my energy is lost because that monster is lurking around the corner, when I wake up in the morning, during the day when it hides the sun and makes the room a dungeon, it laughs as I drive home and the murky rays of light fade in the sky. It says you can only focus on me. There is nothing else for you. 

I then see what is happening. The darkness fills me with lies about what I need to be creative. It says I need sunshine. It says I need to be at my peak health. It says that I need a special atmosphere in order to accomplish my goals. Of course having all of those makes it ideal for me to create but perfect days are rare. There are a lot of different kinds of darkness that can pull me away from being creative the most obvious is I live where there is winter and it gets cold and dark. 

I’ll take those long nights and embrace the darkness. I might be forced to create in a different way but doing is what’s important, even if it’s a little bit at a time. It's what I learned in my creativity quest last year. I’m still on the journey and I’m excited to find out what this year will bring.