Visualize Your Dreams

Practice Your Creativity

Practice Your Creativity

Most of us have dreams at night.  When we wake up perhaps we think things like: that was crazy, talk about a nightmare, or I wish I could go back to sleep and finish that dream. (I often wonder what my dreams mean - if anything.) I personally think dreams are the birthplace of creativity. Our subconscious constantly at work even when we are not aware of it. 

How can this help when I am awake?  

It takes courage to declare to to world, friends, parents that my life dreams don't match what they might have envisioned for my future.

"You want to do what?" They might ask with a little smirk. Apparently, my dreams can be a source of amusement for others. They'll say, "But what about money? How will you live? When will you spend time with your dog, your kid, your family, your chores?"

"With me?" 

Realize they are scared your dreams will take you away. They remember their bad night dreams or only assume dreams are suppose to occur at night. It's too frightening for them to dream during the day when it could take them away from what's comfortable and make them face their fears.

How to visualize my dreams with all this angst going on? 

The dreams I have at night are gateways for me to prepare myself for the "real" dream making during the day. "Watch," the dreams say. "I can scare you but you wake up okay. I can be silly and wild and the next day so can you." The dreams show me my sorrow is real but also that I am strong.  

Dreams are the subconscious creative drive preparing my conscious mind.

Let Yourself Dream

Let Yourself Dream

Night dreams are where I let go of control - hence the nightmares and wild imaginings. The daydreams I can control - decide what I want them to be. They can be predictions of what I want in a perfect world but sometimes reality isn't too far off the mark. (Your definition of perfect is different from mine.)

Visualizing life dreams - whatever they may be - is a way for my brain to figure out ways to get me there. No one else has to approve or worry about how I get there. Having dreams doesn't mean a forsaking of responsibility or hiding away from family and friends. My creative mind will get me there.  

If you are struggling with you day dreams keep focused. If it's something that makes you who you are you'll keep moving toward what you have envisioned. 

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