January 27 2015 Romance Weekly

#LoveWriteChat #RomanceWeekly

#LoveWriteChat #RomanceWeekly

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Tuesday already! The week has flown by. If I’m your first stop on the blog hop today or you are coming from Mishka Jenkins’s blog - Welcome! 

Sarah Hegger contributed to our topic this week and it’s an exciting one. To Great Beginnings: 

A great opening line draws the reader in, makes them want to know more and compels them to read further. Sarah wants us to share a great opening line and tell you why we like it. And then I’m to share the opening line of my work in progress. 

I’ll share a prequel story before I reveal the line to the novel I love: 

My husband has made a tradition of buying me - usually several, he knows me so well - books for Christmas. It’s a fun tradition because he doesn’t always go for what I would buy for myself but he also seems to pick out books that I really enjoy and many have become my favorites. This book was one of those Christmas presents, it is from my favorites pile. 

I think this book has a great opening line and it immediately drew me into the story.

“Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse I saw the dead guy standing next to my locker.”

Yeah - I had to keep reading after that bomb. The book is Marked by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast, A House of Night Novel. I have a love of the series and even bought one I already owned at a book signing so I could get P.C. Cast’s autograph. :) Why I loved the line so much? Well, first I already knew from the blurb the book was about vampires and it was a young adult novel. But it just hooked me. I HAD to know what was the “dead guy” going to do and at the main character’s school no less. Prior to Marked I hadn’t really wanted to read young adult as a genre (paranormal or not) thinking that they wouldn’t interest me. Boy was I wrong. I love this book and the series. And honestly I read a lot of vampire novels. 

Ok, deep breath. 

Here is the opening line of one of my current work in progress - paranormal romance, Circle of Lies. I don’t know if it can be in the same league as a great opening line but I hope it grabs your attention. 

“Raz Donovan stared at the slender curve of Sandra Robins’s backside jealous of the diamond studded pockets.” 

Maybe you’ll want to know if he continues to be jealous or if he corrects the situation - maybe not. 

 Hop on over to Tracey Gee’s blog to find out one of her favorite opening lines and one from her own work in progress. See you next week.