Sometimes not knowing is better.

Sometimes not knowing is better.

Pause for a minute. 

What if I came at my creative work as a beginner and had no knowledge of what it was I was going to create or how to do it? Doesn’t matter what the end result would be. I would be learning and discovering as I went. 

Pause for another minute while I laugh. You can laugh with me if you want. 

If any of you are like me I take the long road to creative work. I like to research and study and ponder before I can make any attempt at doing. Sometimes I read about twenty (hundred) books before I would perhaps think about a class or joining a group to learn about a creative activity. 

I immerse myself in the subject to the point where I feel like I know something about it and therefore I won’t be doing it wrong. 

I need to let this idea go. It’s not my obsession with learning I need to pass on. In fact, I think the learning process is what can drive my most creative moments because it’s about discovery. I need to find the place where I am a beginner and not knowledgable or (yikes) considered an expert. Sometimes just jumping in and finding out what happens can be the most creative experience that happens among all the okay moments. 

I want to keep the mind open and the adventure right there and jump in with both feet. If anything the splashdown will be fun and it’s exciting to think about what might happen. 

Begin again. Be a kid and leave your worries behind. Let me know how it goes.