September 16 2014 Romance Weekly



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Welcome back for Romance Weekly. A few weeks back the hop tried something different by posting a flash fiction piece. At the time I was unable to participate but this week I went out of my comfort zone and hope you enjoy. 

The flash fiction is based off the image Kiss Me Slowly.  Dani Jace hopped in before me so if you're starting here first make sure to check out her flash fiction as well. 

The challenge was for the fiction to be under 300 words. According to my computer I came in just under at 299. 

Sophia savored the scent, coffee hidden by peppermint. Martin neared and she brushed her lips against his. The soft glow illuminated under her lashes. Dread filled her. Sophia loved Martin. In minutes she’d leave this world and enter another.

    “I love you.” 

    Martin chuckled. His laughter generated a vibration against her cheek. “You’re an easy morning date. Muffins and fresh squeezed equals you wrapped around my finger.” 

    She smiled. “I love you without the muffin.” 

    Martin pulled her close. Vertigo slapped her. She stumbled against him. 

    “Sweetheart, are you okay?”

    Just one last kiss before the vortex sucked her away into another body, another life, another love she could never have. Soft strokes against his lips generated liquid heat. He pulled back and cupped her cheeks. The furrowed brow sent the knife deeper into her heart.

    Martin would forget.

    The darkness descended. He whispered. “I love you, too.” 

    The transition overcame her. 

    “Whoa. I’ve got you.” 

    Martin’s solid arms caught her. 


    Warm lips disappeared. The heat contrasted with the cool air. Sophia had transitioned successfully. Summer turned bitter winter. She coughed.

    “It’s okay. I’ve called 911. You stopped breathing.” 

    Sophia blinked at Martin. She laughed. It was going to be okay. “You’re my knight.” 

    He pulled back, his scowl unfamiliar.  “I’m a good samaritan.”

    “Martin, you came with me. A few moments...I’ll tell you everything.” 

    Another step back with narrowed eyes. He acted like he didn’t know her. A paramedic rushed over and evaluated Sophia. 

    “Jackson saved your life.” 

    Martin was now Jackson. He whispered to the paramedic as she stood. She brushed her lips against Martin’’s before turning back with more questions. 

    Depression set in. Sophia’s hellish life transformed into torture. This time Sophia would have to watch the love of her life love another.

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